John Silver Takes The Thousand Dollar Shot On Being The Elite

John Silver BTE Champion

Photo: Being The Elite

In the “main event” of this week’s edition of Being The Elite, current BTE Champion John Silver faced off with Trent? in a mustard packet throwing contest for the championship. Both competitors started off at the end of a long table and hurled the condiment into a tiny bowl on the other end. The first person to land the shot and make it stick was the winner, and the contest went back and forth for many, many rounds. It was only when Nick Jackson made the contest a little more interesting that one of the warriors found the courage to make the grade and earn the title.

Before that, Brandon Cutler is searching around Daily’s Place for the “hard camera,” once again forcing Kazarian to explain the wrestling lingo. Brandon has been running through all sorts of terms weekly on the show, and it really seems like Kaz is blowing up at him about it. He probably could use some anger management, but after his match against Chris Jericho at this week’s Winter is Coming event.

Elsewhere on the show, Matt Hardy continues his iconic series of promos boosting his own ego at the expense of the Young Bucks, Ortiz discovers how long he can no-sell a One Chip Challenge, and The Dark Order try to ease their worries with a group hug. You can watch the full episode of Being The Elite embedded in the video below:

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