Liv Morgan On Working With Paul Heyman, Pitching A Dark Character, More

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Liv Morgan sat down with Fox Sports’ Ryan Satin this weekend to talk about a variety of topics from working with Paul Heyman to the dark character she pitched to WWE creative. Check out highlights from the interview below.

On working with Paul Heyman:

It was great because I had someone that was in charge completely in my corner and wanted to see me succeed and was finding opportunities for me to show what I can do and show what range I had. So, coming into work every week, I didn’t know what to expect. But, I knew that it was for my greater good, you know? It was very cool. He’s one of the best ever. To have him to talk to and to go to for advice, or just see something more clearly than I was understanding, it was great.

On pitching a dark character to WWE creative:

I basically wanted to use the experiences I’ve gone through, the struggles of my childhood and kind of use the character that I was trying to create as an outlet to express the darker feelings that I was feeling. The more sad emotions that I was feeling. So, I wanted to use this character as an outlet to express, maybe, suppressed emotions, you know? I just wanted to use this character as an outlet to show an opposite spectrum of Liv, you know? But, I’m very happy and bubbly and I just wanted the pitch for it to come on the opposite spectrum of that.

On being paired with Ruby Riott again:

I’ve said this a bunch this week. I feel like Ruby and I, we had tons of unfinished business to do when we got disbanded. But, now we have a second chance to recreate history kind of and do exactly what we wanted to do and are set on becoming, which is the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions. So, I’m very grateful to be with Ruby again and to have this second chance to show that we’re the best tag team in the entire WWE. Because I really believe that we are.

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