Diamond Dallas Page Proud To See Jake Roberts’ AEW Run Continue, ‘Jacked’ For The Future Of DDPY

Diamond Dallas Page is all sorts of excited for DDPY “Jacked,” his new next-level addition onto DDPY. The Master of The Diamond Cutter is currently in the process of filming the new episodes, but Dallas did take a moment in-between shooting to speak with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo and shared all the details about his next ripple in program. Dallas, as always has had some familiar friends along for the ride doing all levels of his workouts.

“Rick Steiner’s boy, Bronson Steiner. Had lot of the boys in. Had Konnan here last week, two weeks before that I had Ted DiBiase and Marc Mero,” Dallas told Dominic before saying what DDPY enthusiasts can expect from “Jacked” which includes straps that you can put around your arms.

“The ‘DDPY Jacked’ straps, they’re blood flow restriction straps, it’s called BFR. They’re mainly made for rehab,” but Dallas has adjusted them to help with the flow of his workouts.

“Another company had a version of what I needed it to be and then I started working with them. That’s why you’ve been seeing me for the last year wearing them because once you wear them as part of the workout, it’s kind of like if you never used a heart monitor and then you use a heart monitor, you never wanted to work out again without a heart monitor.”

“I’m using them to make a kick-ass workout that builds strength, density in the muscle, builds muscle mass,” he added.

DDP knows an individual named JJ who is an avid weightlifter (and actually did a video of DDPY vs. P90X) and told him that he was going to send him the straps, but he couldn’t lift weights for 90 days.

“But let’s see what happens,” he told him. “So get your highest lifts…wherever the hell it is where are you with the straps just doing the program.” This is the message DDP got from him after 45 days into the workout.

“This is a thread that’s going to all the guys who are doing the program,” Dallas says before reading JJ’s message: ‘I’ve been lifting weights for five days and doing DDPY two days a week for the past year or so. Since Labor Day, I’ve done nothing but DDPY Jacked every day – no weights. Mid-point lifting test yesterday: on my heaviest sets, I lost no reps (I lost two reps during heavy COVID time when my only alternative was light weights and high reps.) On my lighter sets, I’ve gained strength and a couple of reps’ (and this is the part I love) he said ‘Massive surprise since I’ve only been lifting air for the last 45 days.'”

DDP puts development not only in DDPY, but in the development of his former colleagues in the ring. It’s well documented that Dallas had a major impact in building back his friend and mentor, Jake Roberts, who is now a regular force in AEW with “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer. Dallas couldn’t be happier with Roberts’ “resurrection” and saw that all unfold behind the scenes.

“He was very happy when Cody wanted to bring him in, but it was only supposed to be for ten weeks,” Dallas noted. “Yeah, and I think they were testing him just to see cause I told him, ‘He’s good to go! You’re going to be okay. Whatever you want him for he’ll be there, he’ll do a great job.’

“Cody loved having him around. That’s the one thing about Cody that’s super special and Tony, Tony Khan. He’s got a lot of respect for the guys that have paved the way. I’ve never seen him not treat a legend with the highest respect.”

With hefty Thanksgiving feasts in the rearview mirror, Diamond Dallas Page is no doubt “The People’s Champion” for positivity and is sure to have everyone covered for Black Friday deals. Right now, DDPY is running a sale on their site in which you get 30% off the DDPY App Subscription & DVDs by using the code BLACKFRIDAY30

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Dallas and Dominic talk plenty more about the modern state of the wrestling business, what today’s talent needs to be mindful of in regards to preserving their bodies, his relationship with Darby Allin, learning his business sense from Dusty Rhodes and so much more. Give it all a listen below:

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