Pete Dunne Wins Ladder Match, Gains WarGames Advantage Against Undisputed Era

Pete Dunne Haloweeen Havoc NXT Kings

Photo: WWE NXT

Tonight’s episode of NXT ended with a huge Ladder Match between Pete Dunne and Kyle O’Reilly, with the winner getting to choose an advantage for NXT WarGames match. Thanks to some late interference from a mysterious figure, Dunne was able to secure the win, and give his team a huge advantage at the pay-per-view.

During the match, Dunne and O’Reilly fought to a brutal end, with both superstars clearly giving it their all to come out on top. However, late in the match, O’Reilly seemed to have finally done enough to win, knocking Dunne off of the ladder and onto another ladder to knock him out. As O’Reilly began climbing the ladder, though, a masked figure ran into the ring and shoved O’Reilly and the ladder over, causing him to tumble out of the ring and take a hard fall outside of the ring. After slowly getting back to his feet, Dunne was able to set the ladder up again and climb to the top to retrieve the briefcase for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Dunne gets his hand on the briefcase. Arm breaker by O’Reilly. Dunne snaps O’Reilly’s fingers on the ladder. Dunne and O’Reilly both fall to the mat. O’Reilly turns Dunne inside out with a lariat. O’Reilly climbs the ladder. Dunne hits O’Reilly with a chair. Dunne hits the Bitter End on the guardrail. O’Reilly falls behind the barricade. Dunne climbs the ladder. O’Reilly somehow gets back in the ring and tips the ladder over Dunne falls on another ladder. O’Reilly climbs the ladder. Someone in a mask runs down to the ring and tips over the ladder, sending O’Reilly falling to the outside area. Dunne climbs the ladder and pulls down the briefcase for the win.

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