Grizzled Young Veterans Return To NXT, Another Ghostface Appears

Grizzled Young Veterans

Grizzled Young Veterans Return To NXT

The Grizzled Young Veterans have been away from the world of NXT for some time, but during tonight’s episode they returned in a huge way. As Ever-Rise came out for a match, the duo stormed the ring, viciously taking down Ever-Rise to send a message to the world of NXT.

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Another Ghostface Appears

While Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae were leaving tonight’s episode of NXT, a surprise guest showed up in the back seat of their car. As they spoke about their upcoming matches at NXT WarGames, a mysterious figure wearing a Ghostface mask could be seen in the backseat. From the looks of it, this looks to be a totally different person from the last Ghostface, raising the question of just how many people Gargano and LeRae are working with that will be wearing this mask.

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