Fit Finlay Returns To WWE As A Producer

Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

Fit Finlay is back with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Finlay, who had been furloughed from the company after the coronavirus pandemic lessened the WWE’s schedule, is working on tonight’s NXT show as a producer. PWInsider reports that Finlay returned from his April departure earlier this week. He joins Shane Helms as another wrestler-turned-producer that is returning this week.

Finlay is well-respected backstage and has been a major factor in producing women’s matches for the company. Mickie James recently said that, “he loved us and fought for us when nobody else would, when nobody else was fighting for you. And that’s why we got a lot of those cool opportunities to be able to do those things, or the Falls Count Anywhere Match with Melina and stuff like, they used to really push in those barriers and breaking the barriers for the women. He helped us so much to grow because he’s like, ‘No, our girls kick butt, like they’re more than just the eye candy.’”

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