Rich Swann Retains IMPACT World Championship Against Ken Shamrock

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s IMPACT Wrestling came to an end with a big match between Rich Swann and Ken Shamrock, with the IMPACT World Championship on the line. In a brutal match between both superstars, Swann came away with a big win, taking down Shamrock to retain his belt. 

Late in the match, with Swann and Shamrock going at it, Swann was able to get out of the arm breaker after getting his foot underneath the ropes. Following that, he landed a pair of spinning kicks onto Shamrock, but was once again caught for a submission, this time the ankle lock. After getting out of it again thanks to the ropes. After trying to get Swann into a guillotine lock, Swann was able to roll Shamrock back and pin him for the win. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Rich fires back at Ken with some very crisp and very impressive kicks. Rolling Thunder for a two count.

Savate kick to Ken’s gut before a sunset flip for two. Ken locks on the arm, but Swann kicks free and ascends the turnbuckle. Big frog splash and covers for a false finish. Ken suddenly sics on the armbreaker. Rich’s foot is under the ropes and it breaks the hold. Spinning kicks from Rich. He goes for a third kick but Ken catches him in an ankle lock. He gets to the ropes and uses them for leverage but Ken locks in a guillotine but Rich rises on top of Ken for the pinfall.

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