IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/24/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling, November 24, 2020

Commentators: Josh Matthews & Matt Striker


Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament (Round 1)

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashely Vox)

Matthews puts Steelz and Hogan as favorites to win the tournament before the Sea Stars enter. Matt Striker, who is now on commentary, breaks down the background of the Sea Stars. Exo and Hogan start it off. Exo takes down Kiera and locks her in a front chancery to gator roll. Small package. Two count. Back slide. Two count. Sunset roll-up. Two count. Kiera tries to reassess and recoup as she and Delmi circle around one another. Kiera goes for a hip toss but Delmi hits a neckbreaker for the 1-2-kickout.

Vox makes a tag and Delmi gives Hogan a back breaker. Vox covers for a two count. Hogan tags in Steelz. Steelz feigns a hand shake before kicking Vox in the gut. Vox and Steelz avoid one another but Vox hits a drop kick for a two count. Hogan kicks Vox in the back on the apron and Steelz hits a back breaker. Running elbow by Steelz in the corner before tagging in Kiera giving a dropkick. Cover for two. She takes Vox in the neutral corner and stomps away. Tag to Steelz. Stomps in the corner by Steelz now before choking Vox with her boot. She soon tags in Hogan. Vox tries fighting off with a slug out of forearms. She knocks Hogan down and tags in Exo. She’s on fire. Northern lights and gets a near fall, but Steelz makes the tag. Exo remains in control with corner splashes on her opponents on opposite sides of the ring. She launches Steelz into Hogan with a fallaway slam. Vox gets a blind tag as Exo hits a fireman’s carry slam. Celtic Cross by Vox for a near fall.

Steelz and Hogan turn the tide and clears house of Vox. Delmi soon becomes the legal contestant and a spinning fisher man’s gets the pinfall victory as Steelz & Hogan advance.

WINNERS and advancing: Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan

Backstage, Jordynne Grace is watching on and saying that Hogan and Steelz could be the team to beat. Who’s revealed to be standing beside her but the recently retired Jazz. Gia asks if the veteran star is indeed Grace’s partner. She is and she’s ready to add to her legacy with the Knockouts Tag Titles.

Ethan Page has amazing news and reveals to Josh Alexander that Doc Gallows is out of action for 4-6 weeks. He thinks somebody deserves a pat on the back for that. Alexander says “somebody” wasn’t thinking because now The North has to wait 4-6 weeks to get their belts back. Ethan tells Alexander not to worry because “we” got this. “Who is ‘we?’” Alexander asks before cutting to break as Wrestler’s Court is next.

Wrestler’s Court Segment

Johnny Swinger is led into Wrestler’s Court in full Nailz like jumpsuit and handcuffs. He also has a neckbrace on. The People’s Court music is playing as Madison Rayne will be the defending attorney. She asks him why he has a neckbrace on which Swinger responds: “McDevitt told me to wear it for sympathy.” (Pretty clever!) D-Lo Brown is the prosecuting attorney and the honorable Tommy Dreamer is your judge. Cousin Jake is the guard. Madison already has an objection: how can any of them trust Tommy since he was the investigator on the case? Tommy says that’s a good point and we jump cut to D-Lo and Dreamer exchanging roles. Dreamer says Swinger had the means, motive, opportunity, and smoking gun in his fanny pack. Madison says the crime was strategically planned, well thought out transgression by a “criminal mastermind.” The term “mastermind” should immediately dismiss Swinger’s charges. Fallah is the first witness. Fallah says Swinger was bitter that John E. Bravo chose Swinger as his best man. Next is Cody Deaner. Dreamer asks Deaner what he found in Swinger’s fanny pack at Turning Point: a gun. Next is Acey Romero. Dreamer asks Acey if he’s a fingerprint expert. He says no. He did take fingerprints on the gun and found everyone’s fingerprints on it. Before the segment cuts to break, Swinger offers D-Lo a six-pack.

Rohit Raju comes out and says he’s the opposite of everyone watching at home: a winner. The people at home hide behind their phones and keyboards, talking, but they aren’t saying anything because they’re losers. He is the greatest X-Division Champion ever in IMPACT. He’s ready for the “Defeat Rohit” Challenge. He’s ready to face another loser. Suicide’s music hits. Rohit disagrees with this. He’s up for it but it’s going to be a non-title match.


“Defeat Rohit Challenge”

Rohit Raju vs. Suicide

Bell rings and Rohit attacks Suicide in the corner. Suicide catches him with a deep arm drag and dropkick. Suicide goes for a springboard but Rohit slugs him and we go to break.

Back from it, Rohit stomps on Suicide and gets a snap suplex. He covers. Two count. Diving forearm by Rohit. Two count. Raju continues on offense and lands a bodyslam. Rohit chokes Suicide with his shin. He goes to take off Suicide’s mask. Suicide fights him off. Kicks from Rohit. Suicide leans against the ropes and gets chopped. Russian leg sweep for a two count. Again he goes for the mask, but Suicide gives him a headscissors tarantula hold. Rohit gives Suicide a back suplex and hits a rolling suplex. Suicide gives a float-over leg sweep for a near fall. A jumping flatliner by Rohit and goes for the mask. He rips it off, We don’t see who the person is as TJP comes out. This person floats over and rolls Rohit up for the 1-2-3. He turns around and it’s Crazzy Steve.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve