The Young Bucks: Shaq Gave Us A Standing Ovation For FTR Match, His AEW Appearance Will Bring New Fans

The Young Bucks see Shaquille O’Neal using his star power to bring new eyes to All Elite Wrestling.

Matt and Nick Jackson recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about their new book, YOUNG BUCKS: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues, on sale now. The conversation turned to Shaq working with AEW, and while we don’t know in what capacity yet, it’s going to lead to a new audience seeing what AEW Dynamite is all about.

Nick Jackson: “It’s crazy. [Shaq] was backstage at the pay-per-view and when we got backstage, he actually stood up and gave us a standing ovation for our match. And to me, it was insane. For one, we were wearing the Lakers’ colors and FTR were wearing the Celtics’ colors. That was one regret actually, was not getting a picture with him in our ‘Lakers’ outfits, but that was so cool to have him back there and to give him a fist bump. God, he’s so big, like you don’t realize how massive he really is until you see him in person. It’s insane but yeah it’s gonna be interesting to see what he does.”

“I’m all for it because we need to try to get more eyeballs on our product and that’s definitely a way to get the fans that probably wouldn’t watch AEW Dynamite. He’s a celebrity, let’s face it, and he’s got a lot of fans so he’s probably gonna bring a lot of new eyeballs to whatever he does.”

Check out our full interview with the Young Bucks at the top of this page; the book is available for purchase now in bookstores and online retailers nationwide.

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