Tony Khan Compares AEW’s Audience Awareness To The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Tony Khan recently spoke with Shawn S. Lealos of CBR and discussed the comparison between All Elite Wrestling and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Khan reflected on Marvel’s mainstream success over the last decade. He argued that one of Marvel’s strengths is their relationship with the audience. “They really care about what their audience wants, and they go out of their way to hear their fans,” said Khan via Lealos.

He stated that AEW has always prioritized listening to their fans. “We all have made our mission with AEW is to give a wrestling show that was giving the fans what they were missing in wrestling,” said Khan via Lealos. “I think we’ve carved out a great space for ourselves, similar to Marvel.”

Khan stated that AEW has enjoyed its own mainstream success, but he hopes to continue growing. Per Lealos, he called Marvel an admirable role model and appreciated the comparison to the pop culture phenomenon.

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