Calvin Tankman Debuts On MLW Fusion This Wednesday

calvin tankman

The long-awaited MLW debut of Calvin Tankman will finally arrive this Wednesday on Fusion. The 355-pound super heavyweight made a splash earlier this year in GCW before MLW signed him in June. Now that #TheRestart is well underway, it’s time for Tankman to emerge and bowl over everyone in his path.

MLW CEO Court Bauer had this to say to mark the occasion of Tankman’s debut:

“The world has been waiting for Calvin Tankman to storm into MLW and it finally happens this Wednesday night. It’s been a long road to this moment. Calvin signed with us in April but we held the announcement back due to the pandemic. Now, finally all these months later, fans are about to witness a truly spectacular athlete.”

Tankman spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard earlier this year about his goals within MLW and the overwhelming reaction to his GCW appearance:

“The response has definitely been overwhelming. It’s something that I didn’t necessarily expect but it’s definitely a moment that I’ll keep tight for as long as I have my career. Really, as long as I’m alive I’ll remember that. GCW, it’s one of those things where it’s definitely a promotion you want to be at if you’re an independent wrestler in today’s climate. You can watch video of last year’s [Nick Gage Invitational] and I was cleaning up glass in between rounds, so I’m really just busting my butt to do whatever I could to get an opportunity.”

To prepare for Tahnkman’s debut, you can listen to the full interview in the video embedded below:

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