Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive AEW Unrivaled Blood Brothers 2-Pack In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the recently announced Ringside Collectibles exclusive AEW Unrivaled Blood Brothers 2-pack! This set features bloody versions of:

  • Cody Rhodes
  • Dustin Rhodes

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Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik

The Packaging

This set came out of nowhere and released not long after it was revealed, which was awesome to say the least. This set is based on Cody and Dustin’s match at Double or Nothing in 2019 when they had a bloody bout. The packaging definitely represents that well, too! Both figures come in a small box with a large window where you can see the figures side by side within. The box is covered in blood splatter effects and “Blood & Guts Blood Brothers” written on the front. One side features images of Cody and Dustin while the other has the AEW Unrivaled logo and the back features a large image of Cody and Dustin post-match. Overall, great packaging design for an awesome match, but the biggest concern about these two side by side is the major height difference as it’s very noticeable.

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin looks great, but towers over Cody in this set as you can see them side by side. Many feel the Cody figure is just too short compared to Dustin as Dustin normally is taller than Cody, but not quite that much. If you can look past the height issue they both look really nice. Dustin is the same as his AEW Unrivaled Series 2 figure, but covered in blood and his face paint peeling off. Dustin also has all his intricate tattoos on his arms and other designs/logos throughout his attire. He is also sporting the updated skin tone, which looks excellent compared to the figures in Series 1.

Overall, it’s great to have a post-match look for Dustin as his face paint would always peel off, but it’s even cooler to have bloodied version as Mattel has never done such with their WWE figures. While Dustin seems really tall compared to Cody, which is a bit hard to tell at this point due to the toy line being so fresh, it’s still a really well done figure. Hopefully they get the height issue addressed as the line goes on as everything else about the figure looks great.

Cody Rhodes

Cody’s figure is very similar to his Series 1 figure that recently released, but this one features a new head scan, the updated skin tone since his previous figure, and is covered in blood. This Cody has an open mouth head, which is nice to see some expression on these figures. I wish he came with a swappable head, but hopefully they will include those in future sets. Besides that you can see the detail in his blue/gold attire as well as his removable waist belt that latches closed if you desire to remove it. The belt also comes with a plastic protector to prevent the rubber dying the plastic, which is a great attention to detail of protection for the figure. Not to mention the blood effects on Cody are really cool as you can see the blood in his hair as well as the smeared hand print on his chest from when he smeared Dustin’s blood on his chest.

Overall, it’s a great updated Cody and the correct skin tone is a huge bonus. I love the blood on him especially as it’s really nicely done. My favorite part of the blood really is that in his hair as it really looks like it’s staining his hair than his hair just being pure red. As mentioned a swappable serious head would’ve been cool or perhaps some alternate hands but it’s still a great update to the Series 1 figure. Not to mention the height issue on him, but as I said it’s hard to know who is really correctly scaled and who isn’t. Cody does seem very short to Dustin as they are close in height, but if you can look past that they are both awesome figures.


Overall, this is an awesome 2-pack that I’m glad Jazwares/Wicked Cool Toys made for us. We haven’t seen bloody figures since the Jakks day so it’s a huge win for the collecting community. This match was also a lot of fun and it’s nice to have some figures to commemorate it. Swappable heads would’ve been a great addition, such as a fully bloody Dustin as he bled like a pig in that match. Even some extra hands and what not would be great, but regardless of that and the height concern it’s a great set. Remember this is just the early days of the AEW line so they will be working out all the kinks as time goes on. Don’t pass on picking this one up though as it already went on back-order once and will more than likely be pretty sought after as time goes on!

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