The Gobbledy Gooker Wins, Then Loses, The WWE 24/7 Title At Survivor Series


Photo Credit: WWE

The Gobbledy Gooker is back, and it just won the WWE 24/7 Championship. The legendary character appeared on the WWE Survivor Series Kickoff, where it danced with then-champion R-Truth. The Kickoff Panel paid tribute to the Gooker, who debuted 30 years ago. But it was all a trap, as Gooker rolled Truth up after Akira Tozawa distracted him to win the WWE 24/7 Championship. With the win, the Gooker has joined a long, varied list of WWE 24/7 Championship title-holders.

Later in the show, Tozawa used some bird feed to distract Gooker and rolled him up to win the match. But then R-Truth hit Tozawa with a bag of bird food and pinned him to win his title back.

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