Chris Jericho: You Never Want To Deal With Vince McMahon When He’s Hungry

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It’s Thanksgiving season, a time that’s associated with eating humongous meals and (hopefully) feeling post-turkey satisfaction. On a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, All Elite Wrestling star Chris Jericho was joined by former WWE writer Court Bauer, who shared a story about the dangers of pitching ideas to Vince McMahon when he has not had his meal yet.

Jericho: “There’s two Vinces you don’t want—Vince that’s around somebody else, especially somebody that he wants to try and show that his d— is bigger than, and you don’t want a hungry Vince.”

Bauer: “It’s the truth. We would always make sure that he ate at the beginning of the meeting. And we wanted to make sure his executive assistant was literally with him, flanking him as he came in, like thank God, she’s got the roast beef wrap, because if she didn’t, we are all f—–.”

Jericho: “That’s exactly what happened. I even asked, Jimmy Kelly was the security guard, kind of his right-hand man, he still might be, and I said, ‘Is he in there?’ Yes. ‘Is he alone?’ Yes. ‘Has he eaten?’ Yes. Great. So I go in there, but what I didn’t know was there was another door on the other side, it was like they do production meetings sometimes, in the big conference room and there was a door on the other side. And when I came in, about 20 seconds later, Triple H came in, and I was like, ‘Oh no,’ and he goes, ‘Do you mind if Paul stays?'”

“And what am I supposed to say? Like, ‘No, he’s gotta leave.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, alright.’ And then he goes, ‘Paul, can you get me that other steak? I’m still hungry.'”

Bauer: “You literally were in there with the tiger that hadn’t been fed its steak.”

Jericho: “It was terrible. And then I told him this big, long, you know, intricate angle that, I thought it was really good, and I’ve had some success with good angles in the past. And when I was done, he just kept looking at his steak. And he looks up at me, and he goes, ‘Bad cow.’ He goes, ‘Bad cow, this steak is bad. It’s a bad cow.’ I was like, ‘That’s it?’ And He’s like, ‘What else ya got?’ I was like I’m done.”

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