Jim Ross: ‘AEW Will Be My Last Gig In Pro Wrestling, I Can Promise You That’

It looks like AEW will be the end of the road for Jim Ross and his professional wrestling career. Speaking on his podcast, ‘Grillin’ JR’, Jim Ross spoke about his belief that he will be ending his career with AEW. He also talked about AEW’s Full Gear PPV and how happy he is to work with Tony Schiavone and Excalibur. Check out the comments he had below.

On ending his career with AEW:

AEW has been a great experience. I’ve been very lucky to get this gig. It will be my last gig in pro wrestling – I can promise you that. But I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.”

On AEW’s 2020 Full Gear PPV:

I don’t think we had any bad matches.There’s matches that one could argue might have been too long for their spot, but that’s not unusual for any PPV show. I thought the show was excellent. I thought the talent worked hard and they were focused. You know a card is good when you read a lot of feedback that says ‘This match could have closed the show, this match should have closed the show’. That tells you the show all around is going to be pretty damn good that multiple matches some fans could believe could’ve closed the show.

On working with Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary:

It’s great to have Tony back in the game. I really enjoy working with him. It’s just good to be around him. I believe Tony makes me better, and I hope both of us make Excalibur better because he’s kind of the new kid on the block. He’s had a good first year; he’s a very smart guy. We all have a preference and our roles seem to change. I don’t care who does the play-by-play, doesn’t matter to me. If I’m in my groove and it’s my time, then I will, but it’s not something I’m trying to force myself into. All of us do our role and seem to be fairly content doing our role.

You can listen to the podcast below. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions.

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