The Bella Twins Confirm They Will Eventually Return To WWE

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Michaels)

The Bella Twins sent the WWE Universe into a stir recently when they said they would be open to making a WWE return in the near future. Since then, rumors have ran wild about the potential return of the pair.

To clear the air, The Bella Twins sat down together and released a YouTube video today explaining the interest in returning to the ring. Brie Bella said, “We do really want to make a return. The timeline of it, we don’t know when. But the boys are only three months old. So a couple of mistakes I made on a couple of my comebacks is Birdie was so little and you’re sleep-deprived, you’re trying to train, you’re trying to be a mom. So it can be really hard because we’re so hands-on. I’d like to wait till the boys are like maybe two years old or something like that. So I see that we come back in a couple of years or maybe it’s next year. I don’t know. But it’s not next month.”

Nikki Bella chimed in herself by saying, “It would have to be our main focus because even when we came back for Evolution, we were running three companies. We are filming a reality TV show. We had so much on our plate. Brie had Birdie and we just said the comeback didn’t get its full attention from us that we wanted it to have. So we’re going to make sure on that.”

To end the video, Brie confirmed that the pair would absolutely one day be making a return. “It might be next year, might be in two years, but it’s not any time soon. So we definitely will return. I mean, on my bucket list, the women’s tag team titles are on there, and I like to check things off my bucket list. So we’ll check that off. Just not next month.”

You can watch the entire video below. Thanks to Fightful for providing transcriptions.

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