Paul Heyman Views Recent RAW Executive Director Run As A ‘Career Highlight’

Paul Heyman

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – OCTOBER 11: Professional wrestler advocate Paul Heyman speaks at a WWE news conference at T-Mobile Arena on October 11, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was announced that WWE wrestler Braun Strowman will face heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury and WWE champion Brock Lesnar will take on former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez at the WWE’s Crown Jewel event at Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 31. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Paul Heyman recently spent some time as the Executive Director of Monday Night RAW, and in a new interview with talkSPORT, he spoke about the time he spent in the role, and what it meant for him. 

When asked about his time spent as Executive Director, Heyman said that he’s always loved the behind-the-scenes aspect of WWE, and he felt blessed to participate in the role. “I’m one of those people that enjoy the behind the scenes aspect as much as I enjoy the on-camera aspects of this industry,” he said. “And it’s two totally different spiritual highs that I’m blessed enough to be able to enjoy in my life.

“Working as the executive director of RAW was a career highlight for me. I enjoyed every single solitary minute of the job and the biggest reason I enjoyed it so much was because I got to work with so many insanely talented people, such as the names you mentioned. I’m very proud of your accomplishments and very proud of the individuals themselves for the success that they have all achieved through the greatness of the performances that they overdelivered.”

Although Heyman was relieved of his duties in June, he still clearly relished his time in the role, and was happy to have served in the role. In the meantime, Heyman has since begun a new role, managing Roman Reigns as he tries to take over WWE, starting with Friday Night SmackDown. 

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