Buddy Murphy Wins Grudge Match Against Seth Rollins, Celebrates With Mysterio Family

buddy murphy

Photo Credit: Flickr / Miguel Discart

After shocking Seth Rollins with a betrayal last week, Buddy Murphy went up against his former friend during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, looking to end things once and for all. In a match that saw Murphy get some help from the Mysterio, he was able to put away Rollins, dealing a massive blow to Rollins and his dreams for revenge. 

In a match that started out heavily Rollins’ favor, it was Murphy who ended up flipping things late in the match. Towards the end of things, Rollins attempted to grab a kendo stick to deal some massive damage to Murphy, but Rey Mysterio – who was at ringside with his family – stopped things, getting into a brief brawl with Rollins that ended with Rollins throwing Mysterio over the announce desk. Rollins then knocked Dominik Mysterio down, and even stalked Aalyah around until she fell down. However, Murphy took this time to get himself together, and turned things around, landing a big knee on Murphy before hitting his finisher for the win. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, Rollins gets a near fall after a sling blade. Murphy sends Rollins out of the ring. Murphy lands a dive. Murphy sends Rollins back in the ring. Murphy goes up top but is quickly cut off by Rollins. Superplex into a falcon arrow by Rollins. Murphy kicks out. Murphy rolls out to the apron. Rollins and Murphy fight on the apron. Murphy blasts Rollins with a flying knee. Murphy tries to use the ropes but Rollins knocks Murphy off the ropes. Murphy hits the mat hard. Rollins hits the ropes and runs right into a knee from Murphy. Murphy hits his finish for the win!

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