How A Car Crash Saved The Life Of Former WWF Wrestler Phil Lafon

Phil Lafon

Image Credit: JOB’d Out

In an interview with JOB’d Out, former WWF, AJPW & ECW wrestler Phil Lafon talked about how a car crash wound up saving his life.

“It was Sid Vicious driving and I was sitting in the back with Flash Funk,” Lafon said. “We were traveling a lot so we were tired so, we were driving on the highway …  [Sid] was just doing something, we had just smoked a joint but whatever, and he lost control. It was a brand new Lincoln and we flipped it I don’t know how many times … it was pretty bad, rolled it three or four times.

“Even though [the crash] cost me my career … it saved my life. It made me realize … when I broke my neck – I was in [the hospital] for six months and I was on so many [painkillers] … and I played it out to the max. Something snapped in me and I said, ‘I don’t want this life anymore.’

Check out the full shoot interview below: