‘Heel’ Movie Gets New Trailer, Deals With Sexual Assault & Addiction In Pro Wrestling

HEEL movie

There’s a new pro wrestling short film in post-production called “Heel,” and it’s getting a film festival run next year. The film is written by former NXT wrestler Ryan Nemeth. His brother, current WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler, appears as a bartender in “Heel,” so wrestling fans can expect to see a familiar face. Directed by Maggie Levin, it stars Lauren McKnight and Rich Ceraulo Ko.

The synopsis of the film promises a look at addiction and sexual assault within professional wrestling, which is still sadly a very relevant topic in the business as Speaking Out shows.:

Beyond the flashy outfits and body slams, pro wrestling can be a dark and lawless world. HEEL is a narrative short that explores this world, and touches on the sensitive topics of addiction and sexual assault.

Check out the new trailer below:

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