Arn Anderson On Natalya’s WWE Career Floating ‘Underneath The Wire’, Why She Hasn’t Had More Success


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WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson often looks back at his time as a producer on his ARN podcast, and he recently discussed Natalya‘s WWE run and why it’s possible she hasn’t won as many accolades as she could at her level of talent. Natalya has only won two women’s championships in her WWE career and Anderson argued that Natalya was too easy-going for her own good, also suggesting that she may have felt comfortable with the spot she had earned.

“You wanna run down that list of employee-isms that she had? Look good, always on time, never gave you any trouble, dependable, all those positives. I know exactly why she didn’t get a push, don’t you? Isn’t it obvious? She had all those attributes. She was easy to do business with, all those things, it’s, you’ve heard the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

“She should have an issue with everything that came out of creative, if you wanted to get a push. She was so easy to do business with, she worked so hard to give you what you wanted, she was always on time, she was always there, her gear looked good, you name it. At that particular point in time, her work really stood out because the ladies hadn’t flamed out yet. Her work was immaculate from day one.”

Arn also talked about Natalya getting leapfrogged during the Women’s Evolution, noting that there’s still something to be said about being a top performer and comfortable financially as well as everything else that goes with the business.

“Natty has been there for a long time and made a lot of money without having to be the number one female, and there’s something to be said—trust me I know—that if you’re in that upper-middle and you’re a top performer, but you’re not always booked on top, but you can be there for a long time and always in a good spot and always on the line with Vince and always on your pay-per-views, you can have a huge career that just kind of floats underneath the wire.”

“You’re there and they know you’re there but you’re not constantly in the spotlight. There’s also something to be said for floating along in that spot. The end of 20 years, you’ve got a pretty hefty bank account. There’s something about being comfortable.”

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