The Undertaker Recalls Great Advice From His Dad, Getting ‘Miss-A-Meal Cramps’ Early In His Career

the undertaker

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Undertaker knows the Golden Rule.

Undertaker was this week’s guest on First We Feast’s Hot Ones and spoke about all of the various roles he played throughout his wrestling career. Before he was The Undertaker or Mean Mark Callous, he was Commando in a promotion called Central Illinois Wrestling as he was starting out. Undertaker praised host Sean Evans for mixing things up and calling back to his early days, a time he said he’ll never forget.

“You’ve done some homework, brother! I’ll give you this, you are the first person that has ever asked me that question. Kudos to you, because I’ve answered a lot of the same questions over the last year.”

“Starving to death, I was making absolutely no money, and I look back on those experiences and those times really fondly and never forgot them because it was a struggle. A lot of times guys get up to ‘the show’ and they make a little scratch, and they change. They completely change, but my dad gave me some great advice a long time ago. He goes, ‘The toes you step on the way to the top are connected to the asses you’re going to have to kiss on the way back down.’ So I try to treat people the same as I treated them then—the way I treat them now I tried to treat them then. I still remember what it’s like to get those ‘miss-a-meal’ cramps, you know?”

Check out the full episode below:

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