AEW Dynamite Results (11/18/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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AEW Dynamite, November 18, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


AEW World Tag Team Championships

Top Flight (Darius & Dante Martin) vs.  The Young Bucks (c)

Darrius and Nick start business off. Big arm drag by Nick but Dante avoids. Motor City Machine Guns get mentioned helping Top Flight train. Dante gets in and so does Matt. Dante clotheslines Matt and then they dropkick  Nick out.  The Bucks reset as Top Flight fakes them out with non-dives.

Back in the ring, it’s Matt and Dante. Matt tags in Nick while in a back suplex and The Bucks kicks away at the brothers. Bulldog dropkick double team by The Bucks. Matt drops a knee on Dante before locking on a sharpshooter.  Darrius comes in for the save. Nick kicks Darrius in the back hanging him up in the corner and Dante gets powerbombed in the back of his brother. Big double team footstomp/backstabber on Dante. Dante soon gets Matt to headbutt Nick and Top Flight take advantage with some clotheslines and strikes. Standing Spanish fly by Darrius on Matt. Near fall, but Nick breaks it up. Tope suicida by Darrius, then over the top swanton by Dante.

Some wild athleticsm by Top Flight and a very near fall after a hurricanrana by Dante, He goes for a top rope double stomp but it’s avoided. He’s soon isolated by The Bucks and an assisted sliced bread off the top. Darrius makes the save. The Bucks are frustrated. Dante rolls up Nick in a crucifix for a near fall but The Bucks hit their BTE Trigger for the win.

WINNERS and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Post-match, Jack Evans and Angelico attack Top Flight but bail to the stands as The Bucks come in for the save.

We get The Inner Circle slaying Vegas as Fozzy plays in the background. Santana and MJF are really bonding as it seems MJF cheats Sammy out of blackjack. We get a montage before Max and Jericho duel it out on heavy booze until Jericho peaks it at Everclear. Both men down it and they’re feeling the wrath. Santana and Ortiz are ready to take it to the next level…with Konnan. Some bud is partaken in as the night continues to devolve. Hager and Wardlow take turn beating up some bouncers and we get a “To be continued…” as the show carries on.

Next up we get the premiere of “The History of A Revolution”:

Jon Moxley says how did he get to where he is now? His dad. He picks him up from jail one time and his dad tells him, “We’re the good guys.” Mox has been beaten up and challenged, but he keeps in mind, “we’re the good guys.” He’s mentions that Renee is pregnant and that he’s going to go to the ring and shake Kenny Omega’s hand and sign the contract. He’s going to show why he is the best damn champion out there.


Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian

Cassidy does come out with Trent and Chuck Taylor but he sends them to the back. Miro is on commentary. He makes clear that the wedding is still on between Kip and Penelope. The bell rings and “Freshly Squeezed” chants begin. Kip slaps Orange and gives him a half-assed receipt before going for the pockets. Headlock takedown by Kip and the two jock for position with headlocks. Orange goes for the pockets once more but a kick to the gut by Kip. The two trade arm wrenches and holds. Miro wants to see someone get hit in the mouth. Finally Kip counters a head scissors by slamming him down. Kip goes for drop toe hold but Cassidy casually walks out of it with his hands in his pockets. Orange evades still has his hands in his pockets and flourishes it with a dropkick. Orange manages to high five Penelope on the outside against her wishes and Kip hits a double knee gut buster for a close fall in the ring. We go to break (picture in picture that is).

Kip and Orange duke it out on the top rope. Kip kicks Orange hard and goes for a superplex but Orange cross bodies Kip and then hits his patented tornado DDT for two.  Orange goes for a diving DDT but Kip reverses. Cassidy mananges to bash Kip’s head off the turnbuckle and then hits that diving DDT. Verrry near fall after a very impressive move.

Orange rips off his elbow pad and aims for his Orange Punc but Kip climbs over to the ropes for safety. The two trade suplexes and Kip gets the better with a brainbuster. Two near falls by Kip. Penelope can’t believe it. Kip goes for his swinging neckbreaker but Orange rolls him up. Kick out. Kip tries to get offense but it’s Orange who gets the Mouse Trap pin for the win.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Post-match, Miro immediately runs in and decks Orange Cassidy. The BFs come scooting in to send Miro and Kip off.

Tony Schiavone kicks off the contract signing by introducing Kenny Omega who gets the Meltzer accolades thrown his way in very over-the-top fashion (his Wrestling Observer HOF induction gets mentioned). Kenny comes into the ring and sits at the table. Moxley gets introduced, but there’s no sign of Mox. We cut backstage and Mox is out with Doc Sampson and Jerry Lynn tending to him. He’s got a bloody nose as Sampson wants an ambulance and Jon’s nexk supported. Tony is flustered and asks Kenny for comment. He’s pretty dismissive of it all and tells the folks to “make sure they capture” his signature. Kenny signs the contract.

Back to Vegas, Jericho introduces Elvis into The Inner Circle. MJF is hammered with his Burberry scarf tied around his head. He says they’re blood brothers. Sammy is willing to cut his hand, but Elvis calms him down. MJF howls at the moon and we cut to Jericho waking up next to Elvis. Nobody knows what the hell happened. MJF slumbers up and has  marker written all over his face. Sammy wakes up and finds out he’s married to three wives as Ortiz works out like a maniac. Santana is feeding chickens and Hornswoggle appears crying behind doors in a diaper. Yup.


The Blade (with The Butcher & The Bunny) vs. PAC

Eddie Kingston is on commentary. He says that Blade wanted this match against PAC. Eddie says PAC ain’t gonna be The Bastard for long because The Blade is gonna be his father.

PAC dropkicks Blade hard and stomps away at Blade. Big knee by PAC and then he chokes Blade on the bottom rope. PAC tosses him to the outside and sends him into the barricade. He does it again.

Back in the ring, PAC gives Blade a front top rope dropkick. PAC and Butcher stare one another down and Blade blindsides him. It’s Blade’s turn for offense. Back in the ring, Blade lifts PAC up in a suplex and hangs him over the rope. PAC leaps over and then DDTs Blade, a little miss-timed. PAC sends Blade hard into the corner.

Savate kicks by PAC. The Blade grabs hold of the ref as Bunny grabs the leg of PAC. PAC faces off against Bunny and Butcher attacks PAC. He sends PAC back in the ring for a Doctor Bomb by Blade for a near fall. We go to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, PAC and Blade go back and forth. PAC gets the better of it and sends Blade in the corner. Pump kick by PAC, followed by a thrust kick, but Blade hits a crisp powerslam. Two count. Crowd is behind this bout.

Blade climbs up top and grabs PAC by the hair. PAC nails Blade in the head. PAC grabs hold of Blade and goes for a superplex. He nails it. PAC covers, kick out.

Both men struggle to their feet and PAC hits a hard elbow on Blade. PAC climbs up for a Black Arrow, but Bunny gets on the apron. PAC gets down and gets leveled by Butcher. Blade rolls him up and grabs the tights, but PAC kicks out. PAC does hit a shooting star press to Blade’s back and locks in The Brutalizer for the submission win.


PAC gets on the mic to call out Eddie, but The Butcher comes in to attack PAC. The Butcher and Blade gang up on him and Eddie talks trash to PAC saying he’s going to put him through the gauntlet. Suddenly out comes Rey Fenix for the save, but the numbers game is too much. Out comes Penta with a chair. Eddie implores Penta to hit his downed brother with a chair, but Penta goes for Eddie. His “family” bails as The Death  Triangle stand tall.

We cut to backstage and see Jade Cardill stomp a chair on Brandi Rhodes’ hand as Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose play interference to officials.


NWA Women’s Worlds Championship

Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb (c)

Aubrey Edwards holds up the belt and the bell rings. The two stare one another down before backing away and circling one another. Lock up. Aubrey resets them once they get tangled in the corner. Waist locks are exchanged. Rosa locks in a camel clutch and follows up with crossface then a fujiwa armbar. Arm wrench but Serena frees herself and cradles her for a pin attempt. Two count. Serena scissor holds, but Rosa fights off. Side headlock by Serena as the good mat wrestling continues. Shots are traded.

Arm drag, body slam and senton by Rosa for a two count. Rosa drop toe holds Serena onto the ropes, but two dragon screws by Serena on Rosa’s leg over the ropes and we cut to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Rosa goes on major corner offense onto Serena. Deeb is down and she hits a powerful dropkick onto the champion. Modified suplex gets a two count. Serena grabs hold of Rosa and delivers a neckbreaker over the ropes.

Rosa recuperates but Deeb fights off and spears TR on the apron. Cover for a two count. Serne aims for a GTS but Rosa hits a German. She climbs up top and gets a big dropkick off. Rebel comes to ringside and distracts Aubrey. Britt Baker nails TR on the entryway. Serena, unbeknownst to her, covers and somehow TR kicks out. The fight continues even after a brutal leg submission by Serena. She goes for a Serenity Lock, but TR escapes and hits a reverse White Noise. It continues to go back and forth until Deeb hits a double underhook pancake driver for the pinfall.

WINNER and STILL NWA Women’s Worlds Champion: Serena Deeb

Post-match, there’s a massive brawl between Thunder Rosa and Britt at ringside.

John Silver and Anna Jay are backstage. Silver hypes her up and says that Brodie Lee made sure that she gets a AEW Women’s World Title shot against Hikaru Shida.


Team Taz (Brian Cage & Ricky Starks) vs. Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin

Taz joins the commentary crew as they cut to a video of Darby skateboarding in an abandoned church and then he lights his pants on fire. Taz is not a fan. Cody comes out with a parody shirt taking a jab at Shaq’s ownership of Papa John;s,

Starks and Allin start it off and side slams gets laid on Darby by Ricky. Some very swift athleticism by the two. Hammer lock by Allin. The two slap one another repeatedly. It stumbles Ricky and the tag comes to Cage. Same for Cody. The two collide with one another. They trade shots, but a hip toss into a backbreaker by Cage.

Cody finds offense with a dropkick, but the powerful Cage fights back. Moonsault press by Rhodes and a kick out by Cage. Taz leaves commentary to go to ringside and we go to break.

Back from it, Brian is on major offense. Taz and Arn played some interference and Arn gets ejected. Ricky prevents a tag for Cody and Team Taz continue to isolate him. JR puts over Ricky Starks as he neck wrenches The American Nightmare. Cody back body drops Starks. Another back body drops. Cody tags in Darby who is a house on fire. A jack knife pin attempt on Starks. Two count. Cage comes in and German suplexes Darby and also suplexes Starks at the same time. Starks spears the heck out of Cody, but Darby hits a Code Red on Cage for a very close fall. Cody hits a Cross Rhodes on Starks, but Cage takes over and gives a modified Angle slam on Cody.

Cage and Darby duke it out on the turnbuckle, but Starks grabs a boot of Darby and it allows Cage to hit an avalanche Drill Claw for the pinfall victory.


Post-match Team Taz continues the attack to a chorus of boos.

Out comes Will Hobbs for the save who finds himself holding Cage’s FTW Title. Hobbs however, smacks Cody with the belt and pledges allegiance to Team Taz to end the show.