IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/17/20)

Tommy Dreamer investigates Swinger. He asks Johnny to show him what’s inside of the fanny pack. Tommy asks Johnny if he has a Magnum and Johnny flops out a Trojan reflecting on their Philly days. Tommy corrects Johnny saying he’s got THE Magnum on him and is literally possessing the smoking gun that shot Bravo. He says Swinger is guilty. Next week it’s the return of Wrestler’s Court: The Boys v. Johnny Swinger.

Back in the ring, Kaleb with a K introduces Tenille Dashwood for the first match of The Knockouts Tag Titles Tournament.


Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament (Round 1)

Tenille Dashwood & Alisha Edwards vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Alisha start it off. Alisha gets most of the offense first and covers after a running bulldog. One count. Tags in Tenille and they give Nevaeh a double suplex for a two count.

Emma continues offense and gives her the Dash-woogie. Drop toe hold to Nevaeh in the corner before her low crossbody splash in the corner for a two count. Nevaeh fights off but gets a lariat for her troubles. Headlock before a cocky throat choke with her foot. Havok gets tagged and scares Tenille off to tag in Alisha. Alisha is spunky and gives Havok an elevated flatliner takedown. Havok gives her a whiplash before she and Nevaeh deliver corner splashes. They cover and get at two count. As this goes on Tenille is posing for Kaleb’s photos. Havok and Nevaeh continue their isolation, but Alisha avoids and delivers her own cross body corner splash. Two count to Havok. Havok hoists her up for a powerslam but Tenille runs in to free her. They get Havok out of the ring. Tenille seemingly shoves Alisha into Nevaeh for a lariat that saves her from the violence. Alisha however, continues to fight but gets Havok and Nevaeh’s double team wheelbarrow buster for the win.

WINNERS and ADVANCING: Havok and Nevaeh

Jordynne Grace is on the phone. She said the competition in the tournament is really stiff. She said when she heard that this person is retiring she had to give it a shot. She says she’ll see this person next week.


Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh

The two run in and collide with one another several times. Fallah cross bodies Hernandez and throws his own bandana at him. Chops by Bahh in the corner, but Hernandez hits him hard with a springboard shoulder block. Hernandez does a leaping dive over the top onto Bahh. Very impressive. Hernandez rolls Bahh back in and gets a kick. Chops by Hernandez in the corner before giving Bahh a shoulder thrust. Hard lariat in the middle of the ring. He wrenches the neck of Bahh.

Bahh delivers some headbutts to Hernandez. He boulders himself in the corner against Hernandez and covers him for a two count. Bahh picks up Hernandez but Hernandez boxes the ears and slingshots him off the ropes. He splashes Bahh from the top and gets the cover.

WINNER: Hernandez

An exasperated Scott D’Amore is with Rohit who continues to ask for demands. It makes him wish for the Austin Aries days. Enters TJP. He says he needs to rediscover himself after his loss. Scott says TJP got cheated out of his title shot. He says anybody not named TJP could get a shot at that belt. Anybody. He wonders what Dusty Rhodes would have done if he was in that situation, really hinting to TJP to change up his name and persona so he can get himself back in the mix (but doesn’t totally say it).

D’Amore is sitting with the new Tag Team Champs, The Good Brothers. In enters Ethan Page. He officially requests another shot at the titles. Karl admits Ethan is a pretty great wrestler. How about he goes through a “phenomenal” opponent. Ethan tells him to line anybody up for him. They really hype up the “phenomenal” part again. He’s willing for it. D’Amore gives Ethan a fist bump. D’Amore is optimistically suspicious of what The Good Brothers are up to.


The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. Rich Swann & Trey Miguel

All three of Wentz, Dez & Trey enter together as all three seem pretty emotional. Out comes the champion next. He exchanges fist bumps with all men before they all dance together before cutting to break.

Bell rings after the break and Trey and Wentz tie it up. They reset after Trey gets sent in the corner. Same thing happens to Wentz after. Trey wrenches the arm but Wentz rolls free and cinches in a side headlock. Trey gets a cradle pin attempt for one and the two friends smile at one another.

They tie it up again and Wentz flips his way free for an arm drag. The two lock up and do a small test of strength. Trey flips free and stereo dropkicks followed by stereo kip ups lead to a stalemate. Stereo tags to their partners. Tie up by Swann and Dez. They do it twice. Swann catches Dez with a Japanese arm drag and Dez does the same. They trade corner flips and Rich catches him hard with a roundhouse kick. Tag to Trey. H and Dz trade shots. Kick to the gut and he and Wentz clear house. Wentz gives a bronco buster to Trey as we cut to another break.

Back from it, it’s still Trey and Wentz. Flipping kick to Trey gets a cover for a two count. He tags in Dez and the two attack Trey. A unique DDT combo by the trio to one another. Trey gets an enziguri and tags in Swann. Swann delivers kicks to Wentz. He catches Wentz up top and frankensteiners a downed Dez in the corner. Rolling thunder and a cover to Dez. 1-2-kickout. Later on, Rich hits his running shooting star press for a near fall on Wentz.

All four share a brief moment of unity before they slug it out on their knees. They all hit one another with stereo superkicks and all men are down.

Swann and Wentz trade shots with one another. A flurry of shots by Swann but it’s Dez and Wentz capitalizing on it and eventually leading to a Hot Fire Fly for the finish, but a superkick to Dez by Trey causes Dez to fall on top of Wentz to break up the count.

Wentz and Trey fight it out up top and Dez finds himself out in the middle of the ring after a backstabbing monkey flip to Trey. Swann hits a major frog splash and nearly gets the pin, but Wentz kicks him in the mush. Wentz gets fired up as Swann fights both Dez and off. They go for the Hot Fire Fly on Swann but Rich rolls free and Trey hits Dez with a flying meteora onto Dez. That sets Rich up for his major kick to the back of the head to Dez. For assurance, Trey covers on top of Wentz as Rich gets the three count, sanding the trio out of IMPACT.

WINNERS: Rich Swann & Trey Miguel

Post-match, all three men are emotional as they bid IMPACT a final farewell. Rich is emotional too as all men get to their feet and they celebrate with one another. They get their jackets and drape them over the ropes as they walk away from the ring.

We cut to the back and the three all congratulate one another. Swann does the same, but it’s Sami and Shamrock coming in for the attack on the four. “Bye, bye Rascalz!” Says Sami before they give a shot to Swann. Shamrock tells Rich to enjoy his win because next week he’s gotta face him.

Very emotional ending to this episode of IMPACT.