Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 114 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we take a look at Mattel WWE Series 114! The set includes:

  • Rhea Ripley
  • “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
  • Ricochet (plus Chase variant)
  • Shorty G
  • Kofi Kingston

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The Packaging

This set features the new blue, red and white 2021 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well as followed by everyone in the set listed on the back. The shape is the same as the 2020 style packaging, just an updated color scheme that looks great.

Rhea Ripley

First up we have Rhea’s very first Mattel WWE action figure and I must say it looks pretty good, especially for a Basic. Her head scan looks just like her with her unique hairstyle as well as the spacers in her ears. The likeness is pretty good, but I’m sure her upcoming Elite will look that much better. She has her signature black attire with the Ripley logo on her chest with the chain designs below it. She also has her dog collar choker, but it looks like they just painted it black than adding all the detail unfortunately. Not to mention she has her black pants with the stocking designs and stud designs to make them look authentic followed by her black knee pads and black boots. She also has her tattoo on her left hand, which is cool.

Overall, it’s a decent first figure for Rhea. The lack of some detail is annoying but very understandable for a Basic series. Regardless of the lack of detail on some of her attire it’s a decent first figure of her and one you can have in time for the holidays, too. One thing I did notice with mine though is that she is a bit difficult to stand for whatever reason. I also don’t like the old female hands as her hand is curved, which just looks weird as a whole. If you’re desperate to get your hands on her figure I’d recommend picking this one up otherwise wait for a much better one with her upcoming Elite a few series from now.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

This is The Fiend’s very first Basic figure and while it looks pretty good, it also has a few issues with it. He features the same head scan his Elites have come with, but this one has bleach blonde hair for whatever reason and that is not accurate whatsoever. For whatever reason Mattel has issues with his hair color it seems. The detail in his mask is great though. He has has all his tattoos on his arms, chest, back and neck, which are highly detailed but lack color as most Basic figures do with their tattoos. His torso is new I believe, it could be the Strowman one, but I’m not sure on that. He also has his black gloves but they do not have the “Hurt” and “Heal” designs on them unfortunately. Lastly he has his black/red striped pants with the designs on them as well as black kick pads, which are inaccurate to his boots. His boots should be laced and have the red designs on them, perhaps even straps, but Mattel didn’t tool new boots for him unfortunately.

Overall, it’s a great first Basic for Fiend, but also has some interesting parts and color choices. This figure will be great for parents who had no luck getting the Elite for their kids for the holidays as it’s the cheaper price point, but it’s not the perfect version of him sadly. I don’t understand the hair color and the boots issue make me think they just didn’t have proper boots to give him? Perhaps regular, short, black, laced boots would work for him but it’s hard to say. It’s not a bad figure by all means but some of the choices on it are odd. If you love him like me you’ll want him in your collection, but perhaps wait on his upcoming WrestleMania Basic that is practically the same figure but in a jacket instead.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi’s latest Basic figure is pretty nice. I really like the black/white attire they chose for this as it’s a fun one. This one is his coloring book type attire with the numbered sections to color, but unfortunately Mattel didn’t color the numbers on the back of his trunks to really make this attire accurate to the real thing. He features his latest head scan with the blonde hair, which looks great. I had to clean up the paint on mine a bit though unfortunately. Besides that he has his armband on his left bicep, his white wrist tape on his wrists and his tattoos on his back and left arm. His tights are very detailed with the coloring book style designs as mentioned as well as his white knee pads and kick pads with the designs on them.

Overall, I like this figure of Kofi. I hope they make an Elite of this honestly so that way it can be more accurate with the colored numbers on his rear as it is a very fun and unique attire of his. The detail on this Basic figure is pretty nice, too, honestly and if you’re a fan of his I would recommend pinking this one up. You could always color in the numbers on the back if you desired. Besides that minor issue I think Mattel did a nice job on this one.

Shorty G

Shorty G’s first figure in this gimmick is pretty nice I must say. He features a new head scan with his shorter hair, no pun intended, as well as his wrist gauntlets with the Shorty G logos on them, which was also impressive in my opinion. I believe he features new, blue short molds, too, but I am not positive on that one. The shorts also have the Shorty G logo on them as well as other designs on the sides. Then lastly he has molded knee pads under the shorts and his short, blue, laced boots and socks.

Overall, for such a simple look this figure is pretty cool. I’m not sure we will ever see an Elite of him like this so I’d recommend picking this one up. The detail on it is great and I truly think Mattel knocked this one out of the park. Definitely pick it up as we may never see another Shorty G figure anytime soon!


Lastly we have Ricochet. He also has a Chase variant, which I unfortunately didn’t have in time for this review, but you can see it in the gallery below. The Chase features an alternate colored attire, it being yellow than the turquoise the main release is. That being said, the main release Ricochet comes in his newer, shorts attire. He is sporting his turquoise/black shorts that have the logos and lace designs to make them look authentic. He still has the same head sculpt we’ve seen on all of his figures so far unfortunately, but that will finally change with his next Basic figure in the WrestleMania series. He’s decked out in all of his tattoos on his chest and right arm, which are super detailed but lack color as Basic tattoos normally do sadly. He also has his white wrist tape. Looking at the lower part of this figure he does come with knee pads that in fact have his logo on the left one, followed by his black socks and black laced boots.

Overall, both figures of Ricochet are nice honestly. It’s too bad this is a Basic than an Elite as we are overdue for a more current Ricochet, but I’m sure they will make a similar attire like this in the Elite line in the future I’d imagine. The detail on both are great and I think I prefer the Chase being it’s in yellow, it just seems to pop more, but both figures are honestly nice. I do wish he had a newer head but thankfully we will see that very soon on his future one. Overall, if you like him and want a more current looking attire I’d suggest picking these up!


Overall, this is a decent Basic series to kick off 2021 honestly. The detail on a lot of these are great, too. While yes they lack color in designs and tattoos or simply are missing some details, they are still great for their price point. You can probably always swap the boots on Fiend, too, if you desired, but overall I think Mattel did a decent job on this wave. Get them over on Ringside if you desire for the holidays or keep an eye out for them in stores sooner than later!

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