Team RAW Implodes, Loses To Retribution In Eight-Man Tag Match

mustafa ali retribution

Image Credit: WWE / USA Network

Retribution faced four of the men who will represent the red brand at WWE Survivor Series in a massive eight-man tag team match. Hoping to gel as a group ahead of the pay-per-view, Sheamus, Keith Lee, Braun Strowman and Riddle clashed with Mustafa Ali’s stable. Team RAW continued to argue amongst themselves throughout the match. The group couldn’t even peacefully decide which member should start the match. Still, Riddle controlled the bout early on. But Strowman pushed Sheamus off the apron, and the two big men shoved each other at ringside. AJ Styles, the team captain, tried to deescalate the situation, but Strowman shoved him too.

Retribution capitalized on the dissension and gained the upper hand. They isolated Riddle and overpowered him. Lee eventually rallied and cleared house. But Retribution regained control of the match until Strowman trucked over the group at ringside. Team RAW finally worked together, but Sheamus and Strowman kept arguing. “The Monster Among Men” pushed his teammates around, and the distraction allowed Ali to roll up Riddle for the win.

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