WWE Terminated Zelina Vega For Breach Of Contract After Opening OnlyFans Account

zelina vega

Photo Credit: WWE

Zelina Vega, once seen as one of the future stars of WWE’s women’s division, is no longer with the company. She is the first casualty of WWE’s policy that bars their wrestlers from engaging with websites on their own. The company is reportedly in the process of creating brand-approved deals with sites like Twitch and Cameo, which means that individual accounts had to be shuttered in the interim.

While there were several in WWE who fought the new policy, it seems that Zelina Vega went too far by creating a new OnlyFans account under a different name. Sports Illustrated is among those reporting that this account, which was set up after the Twitch ban to feature “exclusive videos and photos of “cosplays, lingerie, swimsuits and more” for $30 a month, was the impetus for WWE terminating Vega’s contract.

WWE confirmed to Sports Illustrated that Trinidad was terminated for breaching her contract. It was also noted that Vince McMahon specifically took issue with her actions and made the decision to terminate her account. Sources speaking with Sports Illustrated also stated that WWE upper management felt Trinidad “boxed them into a difficult situation” by creating the OnlyFans account.

Vega tweeted out support of unionization upon learning of her release. She later appeared on Twitch thanking fans for their support. Zelina’s husband, Aleister Black, is currently a SmackDown performer, but he recently requested and was denied a move to NXT. It’s unclear how Vega’s dismissal will affect Black’s standing in the company, but one hopes that he doesn’t start getting flung through tables by Lars Sullivan on a weekly basis.

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