Rey Mysterio Forgives Murphy, Otis Sees Alpha Academy As ‘A Good Thing’

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Photo Credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio Forgives Murphy

Rey Mysterio won the “Final Chapter” of his long feud with Seth Rollins this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. On Talking Smack, available on the free version of WWE Network, Mysterio and his family celebrated the victory:

On his family’s perseverance:

Mysterio: “I was thinking about my family and the torture that they had gone through for the past eight months. As you can see, we’re solid. We’ve been solid from day one. My wife did an incredible job raising our kids,, and the unity that my wife and I have is very solid, you have no idea, and I think we showed it today.

On Murphy getting his approval:

Mysterio: “In order to accept someone, you have to forgive them, and I think we’ve done that very well.”

“As a father, you always want to see that your son or daughter are guided by the right person and are in the right relationship. This was a bit tricky at the beginning, with all the chaos that we had gone through , but at the end of the day, we learned how to forgive, and now we’re all together.”

Otis Sees Alpha Academy As ‘A Good Thing’

This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler and received an offer from Chad Gable to join the Alpha Academy. On Talking Smack, available on the free version of WWE Network, Otis discussed his recent struggles and reflected on Gable’s offer.

On struggling with his recent obstacles:

Otis: “You try to break me as much as you can. Miz and [John] Morrison tried breaking me, they accomplished getting the Money in the Bank Contract, very, very frustrated about that. At the same time, a Blue Collar Solid man, a working man with a PhD, working man, just can’t lay down, fall down without getting up. You gotta get back up every single time, that’s the way I was raised, that’s the way my momma told me to do things. My dad told me to keep on going, don’t stop going because you can never have enough money or enough victories in your life.”

On Alpha Academy:

Otis: “I got one thing to say is, I feel like a big fat kid going to summer camp, basically. I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve been down a lot in life right now, it started off a great year, 2020 and now it’s kind of going downhill. We gotta get back up on that hill, never go down again. As people call him, Chazzle Dazzle, I mean it’s gonna be good. Right now, I’m pretty dang lonely because Mandy’s on RAW, Tucker turned on me and the Money in the Bank briefcase, that contract, that beautiful green, yellow piece of art is sitting there on RAW in Miz’z hands  so right now I need somebody.”

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