Drew McIntyre Beats Jey Uso, Vows To Face Roman Reigns At Survivor Series

drew mcintyre

Photo Credit: WWE

Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown started and ended with a staredown between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, ahead of a potential meeting between the two at the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.

After Reigns and McIntyre had a brief confrontation earlier in the night where McIntyre said that his goal is to become WWE Champion and then take down Reigns at Survivor Series, Jey Uso interrupted, challenging McIntyre to a match despite Reigns being very unhappy with it. During the match, McIntyre looked dominant as he took down Uso early and often, clearly trying to send a message to Reigns. After some time, Reigns eventually came down to ringside, distracting McIntyre long enough for Uso to stun him and throw him back into the ring. With Reigns telling Uso to make McIntyre understand, Uso began assaulting McIntyre in the ring, but things ended swiftly for Uso when McIntyre was able to get up and land a huge Claymore onto Jey for the win. After the match, McIntyre got out of the ring and stared down Reigns, asking if he finally understands what might happen at Survivor Series.

With McIntyre set to face Randy Orton on Monday Night RAW for the WWE Championship, there’s a chance these two will be meeting in the ring at the pay-per-view. After tonight’s interaction, it’s clear that if a match was to happen, both superstars would be very happy to get a crack at one another.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

McIntyre kips up to his feet. Uso counters the future shock DDT. Uso reverses it into a pin. McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre lands the Glasgow kiss. Sky-high by McIntyre. Uso kicks out again. Uso superkicks McIntyre. Uso goes up top. McIntyre cuts Uso off.  Uso knocks McIntyre into a tree of woe. Before Uso can take advantage, McIntyre sits up and suplexes Uso off the top. McIntyre calls for the Claymore. Uso rolls out of the ring. McIntyre sends Uso to the ring apron. Reigns and Heyman walk down to the ring. Uso pushes McIntyre into the ring post. Uso sends McIntyre into the ring steps. Uso tells Reigns he’s going to beat McIntyre. Reigns tells Uso that he doesn’t care if he wins, just make him understand. Uso rolls into the ring and unloads on McIntyre with rights and lefts. Uso gets up and walks into a Claymore by McIntyre. McIntyre pins Uso.

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