Killer Kelly Says She’s Been ‘Reborn’ Since She Left WWE

killer kelly

Photo Credit: Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures

Killer Kelly recently appeared on Wilde On with Taylor Wilde, and she reflected on her time with WWE. Here are some highlights:

On leaving WWE:

“I learned a lot by being there, the good and the bad. Now I can be my own self, my own person, and stand up for what I want because of that. By the end I was just like, okay, I’m happy but I’m unhappy. I think it’s time to move on.”

“Since NXT UK was taped now and then, there weren’t a lot of shows and then 2020 happened and I was back, I was ready to come back to the indies, and then COVID ruined everything. I need something more and now is the time to do it. I was Killer Kelly, I went to WWE, Killer Kelly died. Got out, Killer Kelly was reborn.”

On her first impression of wrestling:

“Basically I walked on my brother, he was watching some VHS, and I saw Kane doing his entrance and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s some cool s—. I want to be that.’ Not even like I want to do what they’re doing, I want to be that, I want to be Kane with the fire and stuff, I fell in love with that.”

On her unusual journey to WWE:

“All of my colleagues, they all had tryouts. I didn’t have a tryout. I don’t get it, how I got there, like what happened? Did I miss something? Me and Toni [Storm]were like the last ones that took the photo [at a photoshoot], so we were just hanging like in our gears just like watching and [William Regal] was just like, ‘Hey, you two wanna hop in the ring?’ And we’re just hanging around doing like our stuff, and he was like , ‘Good stuff, good stuff.’ Was this like the tryout? I don’t even know. Like I don’t know what happened and then click, I was there.”

The full interview is available to listen to below: