Santos Escobar Retains Cruiserweight Belt Against Jake Atlas

Santos Escobar

Credit: WWE

Santos Escobar has been defending his NXT Cruiserweight Championship for some time now, and he continued to prove that his reign is no joke, as he took down Jake Atlas during tonight’s episode of NXT in another big win.

Escobar and Atlas went at it from the start of the match, but it was Escobar who proved to be just too much, even without any help. Late in the match, Atlas attempted to land a Rainbow DDT, but Escobar avoided it. Escobar then managed to hit the double under hook facebuster for the win, retaining his title and continuing his reign.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Inside cradle by Atlas. Escobar kicks out again. Escobar trips Atlas into the ropes. Escobar sets up his finish. Atlas escapes, but Escobar floors him with a back leg front kick (lol). Atlas kicks out again. Atlas lands a senton followed by a PK. Standing moonsault by Atlas. Escobar still won’t stay down. Atlas sets up the Rainbow DDT but Escobar puts on the brakes. Escobar hits his double under hook facebuster for the win.

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