AEW Dynamite Results (11/11/20)

AEW Dynamite Results

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AEW Dynamite, November 11, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Brand new Dynamite intro, but before that, we get a Veteran’s Day tribute. JR says we have a “special night on our hands.”

Taz says people are about to witness Brian Cage wrestle live, right here, right now. He says he’s slightly distracted because “the face of the network” Darby Allin. He patronizes him with a prompted “round of applause.”

Taz tells him to sit his narrow ass there and not think of meddling. He also tells him to tell Cody the same thing. Taz puts over Sydal before kicking off the match and heading over to commentary. Ricky Starks smirks and points at the people at ringside.


Brian Cage (with Ricky Starks) vs. Matt Sydal

Matt points at Brian’s “third eye” and Cage lifts him up in a press. Sydal escapes and drop toe holds Brian, but Cage begins to assert his power. Big suplex by Cage, but Sydal fires back with some kicks. Hip toss to backbreaker by Cage. He whips Sydal in the corner. Shoulder thrusts and then a backbreaker center ring. Just a one count.  Cages sends Matt hard in the corner and tosses him to the opposite corner. Matt evades, but Brian catches him with a lariat. Starks taunts Sydal.

Cage does some taunting of his own with bicep curls on Matt before fallaway slamming him. Surfboard knee stretch by Cage. Sydal kicks back  and tries to go for a hurricanrana, but Cage holds him. Cage goes for a hurricanrana of his own but it’s Sydal who powerbombs him. Cage goes to the outside and Sydal catches him with a meteora. Soon after, Sydal hits a standing angle slam and covers for a two. Sydal stays on top of his game and Ricky tries to get Cage going. More kicks by Matt, The two evade some shots from each other but it’s Cage who catches him with a short clothesline. Cage goes for his Drill Claw, but Sydal hurricanrana pins for two. Sydal ascends and Cage gets to his feet. Sydal jumps off for a flipping neckbreaker but Cage catches him mid-air for one impressive Drill Claw for the pinfall W.

WINNER: Brian Cage

Ricky Starks gets on the mic and notes they are officially ranked. Now it’s time to gun for the TNT Title. He says Team FTW’s presence will be felt tonight, because yes, tonight, the revolution will be televised.

Cody is on the mic and notes the thunderstorm going on. He congratulates the new TNT Champion Darby Allin. In the spirit of full transparency, he and Arn Anderson will not be seeking a rematch at this time. There’s another rematch he lis looking forward to and that’s with new Inner Circle member, MJF. A mysterious woman comes up to Cody. She says how dare he lies to the entire AEW audience. She says her name is Jade Cardill and she is the entire package. She has been studying week after week her competition. And you, Cody Rhodes, The Prince of pro wrestling. The American Nightmare. Sometimes The Giant Killer. There is nothing giant about him. She knows a giant. A real giant. Slick statements like that is an echo enough to wake him. She suggests he keeps that shit to yourself. You watch your back, Giant Killer. She is nothing to be messed with. Oh, and by the way congratulations on your name, but she guess he didn’t have the balls to go by one name. That giant your talking about, he’s the real star. You know who that is? “Shaq.”

Out comes Brandi and she begins talking trash to Jade. She says don’t you ever look or talk at him like that again. She says to get her ass out of here. Out comes Jerry Lynn to break things up. Suddenly, Cage comes out and gives Cody a Drill Claw. out comes Ricky Starks. That prompts Darby Allin with his thumbtacks jacket. Cody uppercuts cage as Darby takes out Starks. Darby rams himself flesh to tacks into Cage and the heels bail as Cody’s music plays. Will Hobbs also comes out to even the score.

Alex Marvez is with Jon Moxley. He asks him about Kenny Omega. Something occurred to Mox is that he didn’t want to say “I quit” he couldn’t say “I quit.” Things changed since he’s joined AEW. He speaks that this title is for everybody that is disinfranchised right now out at home. He says he’s the greatest pro wrestler on this planet right now. He beat Kenny Omega once, he can beat Kenny Omega twice. He wishes Kenny Omega “good luck.” The AEW World Title match is set for December 2.


Bunkhouse Match

Butcher & Blade (with Bunny) vs. The Natural Nightmares

The Nightmares fire off against B&B. Blade turns the tables on QT while Dustin hits a Final Reckoning on Butcher over the chair on the outside. The NN’s set up a table on the outside. QT gets hit with a guitar by Blade. Dustin sends Blade back in the ring with a bull rope. He tangles him in the corner for a Shattered Dreams set-up. Butcher comes running in with a chair cross body on Dustin. QT is major busted open by that guitar shot. Dustin gets handcuffed to the corner of the ring as we head to picture-in-picture. A ladder gets set up in the corner as Butcher chokes QT on the canvas.

Bunny continues to punish QT and Dustin is freed from the handcuffs. He slides in and jabs away with double flip flop and flies from the grandson of a plumber. He hits Butcher and Blade with the ladder, but Dustin gets smacked with the chair via Butcher. Dustin tumbles to the outside. He hits Butcher with a kendo stick as they do a walk and brawl up by the Daily’s Place logo. QR comes in with a fire extinguisher, and sprays Butcher. Dustin bulldogs him through a platform.

Blade is bloody AF as QT and him face off in the ring. QT downs Blade and climbs the 12-foot ladder. He comes off with an elbow drop and somehow The Blade gets a shoulder up.

Dustin comes back in and so does Butcher. Dustin hits a Code Red that looks more sunset flip-esque and doesn’t cover. Blade and Butcher crash Dustin through a chair with a double team death move, but  QT saves it. He gives a Diamond Cutter with chain on The Butcher and soon brawls it out with Blade. Blade almost accidently hits Bunny with a chair, but stops himself. QT sends Blade colliding into Bunny and she careens through a table. Blade then gets a Diamond Cutter and the cover with assistance from Dustin. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Natural Nightmares

Matt Hardy is at his compound. He tells Sammy he may have lost to Matt at Full Gear, but he lost to a legend. Don’t squander this opportunity.

2020 Inner Circle Induction Ceremony

A podium is set up in the center of the ring and Jericho makes his way out  in his bedazzled blazer.  He says they are adding not just one, but two new members to the ranks tonight! But before they get to the “New IC” he wants the “OG IC” out right now. Jericho calls them his boys and hermanos. Santana, Ortiz and Hager all come out. No Sammy. Jericho seems flustered but carries on. He introduces both MJF and Wardlow next. JR says Wardlow is gonna be a world champion some day. A faux emotional MJF puts himself over as a poor kid with only a million dollars to his name, but look what he’s made of himself in five long years. He wrote some poetry. “I’ve got everything, I’ve got everything, I cannot complain.” Ortiz is fired up and calls him Drake. He tells Chris MJF shouldn’t be in the IC. If there’s an issue, it’s on Chris. He beat me. He beat Chris Jericho. With MJF’s mind and Wardlow’s muscle , The IC will be even more unstoppable. He tells Ortiz he will make it work.  MJF throws Chris a surprise birthday party. Balloons fall from the sky but quickly are dismissed by the weather. He gets super hyped as he presents tickets to Las Vegas for the whole crew of Inner Circle.

A reluctant and apprehensive Marvez goes to interview The Young Bucks. They don’t superkick him. He asks them what’s next after winning the tag titles. Nick says a rematch has to be down the line. Matt kind of apologizes to Alex before inviting the new team of Top Flight to challenge for the belts next week. They do apologize to Marvez once more and Alex accepts it.


Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky

Collar and elbow. Elbow strikes by Sky and he cross chops Shawn down. Shawn corners him and chops away at him. Sky fires back. Boot from Sky. Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin will be facing Team Taz next week. Sky and Spears brawl on the outside. Sky bites him as Tully lurks behind. Sky sends Shawn back in the ring, but Spears climbs up top to launch him off.

Back from break the two duke it out on the outside and the steel stairs are set up on the outside. Spears catches Sky with sidewalk slam right on the top of the stairs. Back in the ring, Sky goes for a TKO and he manages to turn it into a sharpshooter (tipping the cap to Bret Hart). Tully implores Spears to reach the ropes and he does. Tully suckers the sight of Sky as he tosses Spears a slug who loads his glove. Sky also has a slug but tosses it and gets slugged hard. He covers, 1-2-3.

WINNER: Shawn Spears

Dasha tries to get with Kenny Omega but she can’t find him. They cut to Marvez who runs down Kenny (who is on the phone). He asks him about his World Title match on December 2. Mox has taken all the headlines from Kenny with that AEW Title. People ask him “where’s The Cleaner?” He’s never faced Jon one-on-one in a real match. They’re going to figure it out. He’s got a flight to catch and Kenny is dismissive.


Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet

The two lock up and exchange some mat work. Some arm drags go down. Lock up and shoulder block. Leg lariat by Red Velvet. She chokes Tay in the corner. Tay and her shove one another. Judo throws by Tay. Big back kick by Conti for a two count. Near fall. We go to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Velvet catches Tay with a bulldog. Knees to the back of Conti and Velvet hits a running stunner. She can’t hook the leg and only gets a two. Both women double roundhouse kick each other. Anna Jay over and slides in the chair. Conti throws the chair back and Velvet spears her. Near fall. Boot to the side of the head kind of misses, but Conti rolls over and hits a short arm pump kick. Gory special turned into a spinning knee (kind of a GTS modified). Pinfall win.

WINNER: Tay Conti

Despite not taking the chair, Anna Jay celebrates with Tay who looks a little cautious. The Dark Order watches on.

Jericho and Max talk trash to Marvez (very funny) and in comes Sammy who says he got an email from MJF to say meet at the beach. Sammy is pissed. Max says he sent him two emails. Sammy says he only got one. Jericho tries to settle things down. MJF gives Sammy his plane ticket and Sammy is still ticked about it all.

Eddie Kingston comes out and heels on the crowd before they can babyface him. He has to live with saying those two words he did on Saturday. He says he’ll never stop wrestling again even though he said “I quit” at Full Gear. He then hypes Rey vs. Penta 2.


Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Cero M

Rey soon rolls PEnta up but gets two. Hard kicks between the two knock both of them down. Eddie is on commentary. They try to clothesline one another. Penta reverses a pinfall. Sunset flip for a two count. Headscissors takedown from Rey and Penta gets tossed. Rey is dazed on the outside. Penta clutches Rey in a standing submession hold. Penta is trying to tear off his own brother’s mask. Rey is wrestling with a ripped mask as Penta chokes Rey on the ropes. Very hard superkick by Penta. Rey is out like a light. Penta chews on Rey’s torn mask. We go to picture-in-picture break.

Penta goes for his package piledriver. Fenix escapes and rolls him up for a two count. A vaulting spinning kick by Fenix. Tony accuses Eddie as the mastermind to get Fenix and Penta at odds. Springboard flipping hurricanrana for a two count. Soon after, Penta gets his mask ripped off. Commentary is really accusing Eddie of their actions. Shots and headbutts are traded. Eddie says he’s loving this. A flipping rolling DDT gets a close fall. Penta gets reversed by Fenix and then does a massive corkscrew plancha on top of Penta.

Rey hits a swanton on Penta for two. They get to the apron and Pent kicks Rey hard. Package piledriver on the apron. JR wants the ref to call the match. Even Eddie agrees. Canadian Destroyer by Penta on the outside. Penta rolls Rey in. He grabs Rey by the face and gives him a package piledriver in the ring. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Penta Cero M

Eddie comes in the ring and praises Penta. Eddie literally kicks Rey out of the ring. He says he doesn’t need his brother. Out comes PAC. He calls out Eddie. “Did you think I’d be gone forever? The bastard’s back and you have made a very, very big mistake.” Officials separate the two (including Jerry Lynn) and Tony announces that it’s going to be PAC making his return to the ring against The Blade. The scuffle continues as we go off the air.