WWE NXT Results (11/11/20)

WWE NXT Results

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WWE NXT Results

November 11, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Johnny Gargano debuts the wheel of challengers. It “lands” on Leon Ruff.

North American Championship Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff

Ruff lands some early offense but is tossed to the outside area. Gargano sends Ruff into the barricade. Damien Priest is watching from the crowd. Gargano mocks Ruff. Ruff rolls Gargano up for a quick two count. Gargano lawn darts Ruff into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano gloats. Priest walks to the ring. In the confusion, Ruff hits a Crucifix driver for the win… wait, WHAT???

Winner and NEW North American Champion, Leon Ruff!!!!!!!!!!

After the match, Priest celebrates with Ruff. Priest puts the title around Ruff’s waist and it just falls right off since he is so thin. Priest laughs as they walk to the back.

Backstage, Ruff walks backstage and everyone gives him a standing ovation, including Commissioner Regal. Priest tells Ruff that Gargano is going to come through the curtain and kicks his ass. Priest give Ruff the keys to his car and tells him to leave. Gargano burst in and blames Priest. Gargano begs Regal to do the right thing here.

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