Doc Gallows Hypes Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2: The PPV That Took Real Balls To Pull Off

Doc Gallows recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2’s debut this Friday. The Talk’n Shop team is back for another crazy event that follows up on their first show and takes things to shocking and hilarious new heights.

“It’s insanity. Like I said, this is not a dig at anyone. You’re supposed to be laughing along with us. This is the fun element of professional wrestling and for as wacky and out there as the first Talk’n Shop A-Mania was, dare I say this is twice as far in. It’s absolutely crazy, so if you dig that brand of humor, you’re going to dig this. Obviously, the ‘Ball For A Ball’ match is a parody—that isn’t hard to figure out—with Sex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd. If you’ve seen the trailer, we have Chico El Luchador and Chavo Guerrero continuing their rivalry in a Lucha Libre deathmatch that breaks down,” Gallows said, “and one of the coolest cinematic things that I think you’re going to see come out of pro wrestling in 2020. How we were able to pull that off, which I thought was beyond our scope, but we did it and I think people are going to absolutely love it.”

The ‘Ball For A Ball’ match is a clear homage to WWE’s “Eye For An Eye” match that took place at this year’s Extreme Rules event, and it was a polarizing talking point for many in the wrestling business. While fans argued over the absurdity of the stipulation or whether WWE would use CGI or practical effects for the eye, Talk’n Shop’s approach is much more straight forward. Noting that he might be spoiling the payoff, Gallows laughed and said “it’s practical, guys” before talking about some of the other tongue-in-cheek parodies viewers can expect this weekend.

“We’ve got two new factions and they are out there. I think everybody will enjoy the wink to where the ideas came from. One of them is basically revealed in the trailer as well, but we had a lot of fun doing that. We had ‘Roll Undershed’ which is also a spoof, and we had some great ECW characters come out for that,” Gallows said, “a whole bunch of other talent come out for that. It was a great time and we’ve got a lot of good momentum right now.”

Check out our full interview at the top of this page; Doc Gallows also talks about the Good Brothers’ run in IMPACT so far and building their brand with alcohol and live shows, Eric Young’s revival and much more.

Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2 debuts on Friday, November 13 at 10 pm on worldwide pay-per-view and on the FITE app. To get more information about their new wines and bourbon, as well as ticket information on the Talk’n Shop Live event at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, visit

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