ROH Wrestling Results (11/9/20): Dalton Castle vs. Brody King

In a video package, Brody King describes his rough background and his love for music. He says he’s a violent person, and he didn’t start wrestling until he was 27. But King says he quickly took to it, and his unusual blend of size and agility is a rare combination. He says this is the first time he doesn’t have someone to lean on in a tag team or stable. King says he’s ready to be his own man, and he wants some singles gold. He’s targeting RUSH, and he’s willing to do anything to get a shot at the champion. He says it looks like the old Dalton Castle is back, and he’s glad he gets to face him.

In a video package, Castle says he’s more dangerous than he’s given credit for. He wanted to prove that in the ROH Pure Tournament, but this match is a chance to show everyone who he really is. Castle says he’s never been more focused or enraged. “I feel like something is changing inside of me,” Castle says. He describes how he’s always angry and he can’t control it.

Dalton Castle vs. Brody King

The competitors feel each other out early on. King overpowers Castle, but the former ROH World Champion takes the big man to the mat and grounds him. He kicks King in the face and hits some running knees in the corner. King flattens Castle with a crossbody. King beats Castle down in the corner. More stiff strikes continue to floor Castle.

Castle rallies with some strikes of his own and tries to lock in a sleeper hold, but King powers out of it. Castle slams King and knees him in the face. Castle drops King with a German suplex, but King plants Castle with a piledriver for a near fall.

Castle drops King with hurricanrana, and the match spills to the outside. Castle rocks King with a knee to the head. King hits a flurry of offense and plants him with the Gonzo Bomb for the win.

Winner: Brody King

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