WWE RAW Results (11/9/20)

RAW Survivor Series Men’s Team Second Chance Triple Threat Qualifying Match: Elias vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Riddle

Elias goes to sing a song but pauses because he assumes he is going to be interrupted. Elias plays a few cords then Hardy’s music hits. Everyone goes for a pin but no one can get a three count. AJ Styles & Friend are watching the match from backstage. Elias catches Hardy and Riddle with a wrecking ball dropkick. Elias sends Riddle into the barricade. Elias floors Hardy with a lariat. After the break, Elias hits Drift Away on Hardy. Riddle breaks it up with a broton. Riddle gets a near fall on Elias after a fisherman’s buster. Hardy leaps off Riddle’s back and hits Poetry in motion on Elias. Riddle and Hardy trade strikes. Elias floors Hardy with a knee strike as he sets up a Twist of Fate. Elias tries to leap over Riddle but Riddle picks Elias out of the air and hits Broderek for the win.

Winner- Riddle

Backstage, Styles is talking to Adam Pearce. Pearce tells Styles what he said makes sense. Pearce walks away. Charly asks Styles what he thinks about Riddle joining the team. Styles says Riddle is what the team needed. Sheamus burst in and says Styles is a fool if he thinks Riddle is a good choice. Sheamus says if Riddle steps out of line he’ll kick his head off. Styles says they need to have a team meeting. Charly asks Sheamus how Styles is doing as captain. Sheamus says Styles isn’t his captain. Braun Strowman walks in and says the same.

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