Sasha Banks Taps Out Bayley, Gets Attacked By Carmella

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

During tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Sasha Banks took down Bayley to retain her hold on the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, in a surprising twist, Banks was ambushed after the match by Carmella, who sent a message to the champion in a brutal way.

After taking down Bayley thanks to the Bank Statement, Banks was once again riding the high of taking down her former friend. As she celebrated on her way up the ramp, though, Banks turned around and was brutally kicked in the face by Carmella. Carmella stood over the champion and taunted her, clearly trying to send a message to Banks that she was more than ready for her own championship opportunity. Carmella has been attempting to make a name for herself once again, and this attack on Banks could go a long way in doing so, especially if she ends up getting a title match out of it.

For more on how the match itself ended, check out below:

Banks kicks the chair out of Bayley’s hand. Bayley hits a backstabber, the Bayley to Belly, AND a diving elbow but Banks kicks out. Bayley lands another flurry for a near fall. Bayley puts Banks in the Bank Statement. Banks reverses it into a pin. Bayley kicks out. Bayley charges in but Banks moves out of the way. Bayley runs shoulder-first into the ring post. Banks locks in the Bank Statement. Bayley taps out.

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