Dana Brooke Thinks Fans Haven’t Seen The Last of RAW Underground

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Shane McMahon’s mostly unexplained fight club known to the world as RAW Underground has gone dark after appearing weekly on the Monday Night wrestling program for several months. During its run, it ran several matches fans wouldn’t normally see on WWE TV, including using talent from NXT and elsewhere.

New RAW recruit Dana Brooke may be settling into her tag team partnership with Mandy Rose, but she hopes for more of the unique arena atmosphere. In fact, when speaking with Forbes recently, she states that she believes it will return.

I just know that with the last couple weeks with the draft, and everything that has happened, they didn’t have time. I really have no idea, but it was a shock to me to really see that there was no Raw Underground. But I’m hoping and I am praying that it will definitely come back soon and I can make a statement.

Dana made a call on social media to appear during the segment, wanting to show off her shoot fighting style. She hasn’t entered the Underground as of yet, but her boyfriend Uly Diaz has, and she thinks that they would make an excellent on-screen pairing in that setting.

My brain starts going, I’m like ‘this is perfect.’ If [Uly and I] came out, male and female taking over Raw Underground, this would just be incredible.

While there’s no indication that RAW Underground will be returning anytime soon (especially since Shane would have to hire a new bouncer), here’s hoping that Brooke can show off her unique fighting style in regular matches in the months to come.

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