Tony Khan Says He Drew Inspiration From South Park For The Kenny Omega/Adam Page Video Package

Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

All Elite Wrestling continues to feature innovative storytelling on a weekly basis. With this constant demonstration of creativity, it’s not surprising that the company’s top executives are inspired by various sources. In an interview with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer, AEW President Tony Khan shared that he drew inspiration for a Kenny Omega video from the popular South Park series.

Khan: “I’ll give you the perfect example of that. I had the idea watching South Park as I get a lot of ideas, there’s an episode where Stan’s girlfriend breaks up with him and all he can hear is ‘Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone)’ by Cinderella. And he’s just really sad. I was like ‘I’m gonna do the Kenny Hangman video to this. It’s perfect, it’s different. It would be a different take on it, it would be a different use of the song, it’s a totally different relationship.’”

“‘The idea of ‘Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone)’ when the guy wrote it was actually closer to what Kenny and Hangman is about than it is about a love relationship. It’s about success and it’s about when it all goes away and trying to get it back. It’s not as easy as you remember to get it. I heard it like ‘man, that reminds me a lot of this thing with Hangman and Kenny.’”

“‘We got the rights, I got the rights and I told the guys I was going to do it, I’m gonna make this video. Kenny was okay with it, he thought it was cool but Hangman really did not like this idea. He was really against it and I was like ‘dude this is gonna be great’. I think the tone of the song bugged him and it was so funny because then he saw it and this is why it’s a good example of a good resolution because he saw it and he loved it. He said ‘I went into this not wanting to like this and I love it.’”

This is not the first time Khan has brought an idea from South Park to AEW, as he has previously revealed that the initial Fight For The Fallen stage was inspired by the tenth episode of season thirteen called ‘W.T.F.’, a parody of WWE.

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Transcription credit: WrestleTalk