WWE NXT Results (11/4/20)

Backstage, Grimes claims he didn’t lose at Halloween Havoc. It wasn’t a match. The referee was a zombie. Grimes keeps looking behind him. Grimes is STILL terrified of Dexter Lumis. A referee walks up to Grimes and taps him on the shoulder. Grimes turns around and screams. Grimes yells “zombie” and runs away.

Cameron Grimes vs. Kushida 

Grimes is still looking around for ghosts and zombies. Kushida and Grimes trade submission attempts. Grimes hits the rope and runs right into an arm drag into an armbar by Kushida. Grimes fights his way out of the hold. Kushida drops hit full body weight on Grimes’ arm. Grimes kicks Kushida in the face. Grimes takes Kushida down in an armbar of his own. Kushida quickly reverses it. Kushida stomps on Grimes’ elbow. Grimes attempts a German suplex but Kushida escapes.

Grimes drops Kushida gut first on the top rope. Kushida kicks out. After the break, Kushida hits a handspring back elbow. Basement dropkick by Kushida. Kushida sends Grimes out to the apron. Kushida knocks Grimes off the apron with a handspring attack. Grimes gets back in the ring and eats a crossbody by Kushida. Grimes kicks out again. Grimes surprises Kushida with a sit-out powerbomb. Kushida kicks out. Kushida goes up top. Grimes cuts Kushida off. Kushida trips Grimes, causing him to land, crotch first, on the top rope.

Kushida crushes Grimes with a top rope arm breaker. Kushida punts Grimes’ arm. Kushida sends Grimes into the corner but Grimes runs into the referee. Kushida puts Grimes in the Hoverboard Lock. Grimes taps but there is no referee. Kushida checks on the referee. Grimes hits his spinning crossbody. The referee from earlier runs down to the ring. Grimes gets scared and tries to run away. Kushida puts Grimes in a double wrist lock. Grimes taps out.

Winner- Kushida


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