R-Truth On How WCW’s Jackie Crockett Was A ‘Ram In The Bush’ In Turning Life Around


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

R-Truth always has had “rams in the bush” looking out for him and one of those happened to be the son of the late Jim Crockett.

Truth was on this morning’s episode of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast and talked with the trio about his redemption story from a youngster in and out of jail to a star of professional wrestling. Music happened to be what indirectly led him to the squared circle.

“Because of wrestling I’ve matured,” Truth told Kofi, Big E and Xavier. “When we come out our music is the first thing that sets us off. It sets the pace, it sets the tone. Music goes hand-in-hand with it. Once you put a character with it, which my musical character is just me. I don’t have to put anything with it, just energy it’s just me. I think the two coincided helps each other out.”

Someone who saw that unique talent and style of R-Truth was Jack Crockett, son of infamous promoter Jim Crockett and a long-time camera man for WCW. The two met in the most dire of places.

“I met Jack Crockett in a halfway house. Messing around with dudes in the street, man. Doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing, man. Back and forth to jail, back and forth to jail. Now you talking about a R-Truth that was street, just straight. All I knew is that I had one job in my life, man. That was it. So met Jack Crockett at a halfway house and he saw me being me…

“He saw all of that man and he said, ‘You don’t belong here. I think this is just one of your pit stops in life.’ And then again, I had somebody else instilling that knowledge in me, man. God has always put what I call ‘rams in the bush’ around me, you know what I’m saying? To protect me, to give me that whisper in my ear what I need to do.

“God has always protected me and put people in the right spots. Now I thought Crockett wanted to give me a job like cutting his grass or something cause he said ‘I want to give you a job.’ Who meets somebody in a halfway house and be on the up and up about doing something?

Crockett said, ‘God told me just to get back to you. Not gonna be money, won’t cost you nothing but time and dedication.'” Truth mentioned how he still had high aspirations for a rap career on his mind which continued to lead him down a shaky path. “I actually turned him down for two years cause I don’t think I was grown up yet enough. I was still young, man. Still running streets. Turned him down because I still wanted somebody to give what I wanted. I wanted the money, I want to do this, do that, that wasn’t the plan. Man, back and forth to jail again within those two years until I was a willing vessel and I was ready for a change. I didn’t have a kid at that time. I knew going back and forth to jail, couldn’t be going back and forth. It wasn’t me. Music thing was looking bad. So I called Crockett up. I said, ‘Hey man, what do I need to do, I’ll do it.’ I was ready for a different life.”

“He took me to three WCW shows and the first person to come out was Ric Flair and when Ric Flair’s music hit and that crowd man came up. Bro, it was my first time being at a wrestling show and Crockett was beside me and he said, ‘You see Ric Flair?’ He said, ‘That’s you. You could be there rapping. Rapping all those raps you’ve rapping in jail and dancing and you get in the ring. You can fight, you can fight and you can dance and you mix it all together and you create this character, but be yourself because people like you as you. Be original, be authentic, just be yourself.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can listen to the entire episode of Feel The Power featuring R-Truth below:

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