Stephanie McMahon Nervous & Excited About Vince McMahon Netflix Documentary

stephanie mcmahon

Photo by Pedro Fiúza/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Stephanie McMahon is just as excited as fans are about the upcoming Netflix documentary series on her father, Vince McMahon. On the Token CEO podcast, Stephanie admitted that she’s nervous about the project because she wants to protect her dad, but is excited that his story is being told. She also believes it’ll be better as a series than as a feature-length documentary.

“I think it’s gonna be incredible,” Stephanie said (transcription via Cageside Seats). “Like a feature film is only two hours long. Three at most, and three is getting a little long, you’re kind of ready – but you can only tell so much of a person’s life story in that amount of time … and it’s fantastical, right? Because you have to make it Hollywood and whatever.

“So I am really actually excited about this opportunity because there is no one like my father … He grew up in a trailer park in North Carolina, He didn’t meet his dad until he was 13 and had no running water until he was like 10. He jokes about the outhouse, and I realize this may be déclassé or whatever, but he says you never knew whether it was worse in the summer or in the winter – and draw your own conclusions from that.

“But, to have someone who truly lived the American dream, who believed in himself. who was willing to invest in himself. The things he had to do to even get into the business, let alone ultimately take over the business, which at the time was regional, right? There were regional territories and my dad had this vision to basically make one global brand. But at the time, some of those [regional] promotions had connections with the mafia and various other organizations. Death threats were a regular thing. And it’s funny because, I had heard these stories before, but I didn’t really understand it, the timing of it until I was a parent. Like he was going through all of that when we were kids … like that puts things in a whole different perspective, you know?”

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