Josh Alexander: The North Wants To Make A Stand And Create A Legacy In IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander says The North is the top team in IMPACT Wrestling today but they want to be considered as one of the all-time great teams when it’s all said and done.

WrestleZone recently spoke with The North’s Josh Alexander, who regained the IMPACT Tag Team Championship at this year’s Bound For Glory event. Alexander spoke about the current depth of IMPACT’s tag division, noting that The North not only wants to improve their status but feels that it will boost the entire division in turn.

“Our goal was to—myself and Ethan Page, we grew up fans of TNA. We were fans of the tag team divisions they had before, and some crazy and awesome teams have come through here. And then, you’re right, the talent pool fell off and the quality of tag team wrestling fell off but that was our initial goal. We wanted to win the Tag Team Championship and make a name for ourselves, and in doing so we wanted to build tag team wrestling because we love that more than anything. So now that it’s become this hot free-agent destination for these tag teams and they want to join in the fun and challenge themselves,” Alexander said, “it’s better for pro wrestling as a whole I think and it’s better for us because we get bigger and better challenges to make a name for ourselves.”

When asked if they have any new or big picture goals, Alexander said they don’t want to have the most reigns because that would mean they would have to lose the titles multiple times. He says realistically, The North is aiming to be regarded as one of the best teams in IMPACT history and want to be spoken about in the same breath as the legends of tag team wrestling.

“We have a lot of goals, individual goals, and together. Tag team goals, we set the record as the single longest reigning tag team in IMPACT Wrestling history. We can’t say we want the most title reigns ever because that would involve us losing them and regaining them. We just want to have a legacy and be remembered with all of the other great tag teams in the world. We want people to look at IMPACT Wrestling and say, ‘You know, I used to be a fan of America’s Most Wanted but man, The North, they were the best tag team in IMPACT Wrestling’ and we want to make a stand,” Alexander said. “We want a legacy in IMPACT Wrestling and the only way to do that is to keep beating these teams, get those Tag Team Championships back and there’s a lot of doubters out there, so the only thing to do is go out there and prove them wrong.”