Lilian Garcia Is Chasing Glory On The WWE Network, Says Her Guests’ Stories Can Change The World

Lilian Garcia

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Lilian Garcia recently spoke with WrestleZone managing editor Bill Pritchard and discussed Chasing Glory’s move to WWE Network. Here are some highlights:

On taking Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia to the WWE Network:

Garcia: “You know, I’ve had the podcast since 2016, we did change the name to Chasing Glory in 2017, and it’s been a wild ride. Incredible stories, it’s just been really a labor of love for me, especially the caliber of stories that are coming out and how we do touch on mental health and the struggles that people go through, and making it where people just don’t feel so alone in the world, and that they’re not the only ones going through something.”

“So we did a break this year, which was wild because the timing of it all, you know, when everything was going crazy with COVID and then the Black Lives Matter movement started, and it just seemed like the right time, after I did that episode, to just take a break, pause, pay attention, do more listening. And it really did work out in the end. We were trying to figure out when to come back, and then we decided, okay we’re gonna come back in the fall and treat this like a season and a season premiere. And it was right when we decided, alright, we’re coming back in the fall that I got an e-mail from the WWE asking me, ‘Hey, would you consider putting this on the network?'”

“And it just seemed so perfect so fitting because I do, [the] majority of the interviews that I do have are the superstars, and the fact that it was on their free version was exciting to me as well because I’ve always made the show very free and accessible to anybody. And so that really just seemed like the perfect scenario of putting that on there, and the fact that you can still download it wherever you get your podcasts.”

On the power of her guests’ stories:

Garcia: “I think that every single episode, I have literally, once the episode is done and the interview is done, I sit back and I’m like, ‘Wow, what just got shared here, what just happened, because I know like 100 percent, based on all the response I’ve already received, that somebody out there in the world, it’s going to resonate with them and it’s going to change their life.’ And because of that, I’m always in awe of everything that does get shared and I don’t take that lightly. I mean, like I said, this show is something that really, just to the core, it is in my blood, it is in my soul to just spread positivity to the world and let people know that it’s okay what you’re going through and you are not alone.”

The full interview is available here:

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