Aalyah Mysterio Says She Loves Murphy, Shares A Kiss Inside The Ring

Credit: WWE

After appearing at last week’s Friday Night SmackDown to help keep Murphy from being attacked, Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy once again shocked the WWE universe and her family, as she revealed that she loved Murphy before giving him a kiss in the ring.

During a brief segment tonight, Murphy and Aalyah came out to the ring, with Murphy saying that he’d like to formally apologize to both Rey and Dominik Mysterio for his past actions. However, Seth Rollins was the one to come out, telling Murphy that neither Rey nor Dominik will ever forgive him for what he’s done. Then, he proceeded to talk to Aalyah, telling her that his father is trying to control her and that Dominik is jealous of her. It was then that Dominik Mysterio rushed into the ring, attacking Rollins from behind before Murphy pulled him off to attack Rollins on his own.

After Rollins rolled out of the ring, Dominik and Murphy got into a bit of a shoving match, resulting in Murphy taking down Dominik and delivering a few hits to him. Rey then came running down to the ring, and had Murphy set up for a 619 before Aalyah came running in front of her father to stop him. Aalyah then told Rey that she loves Murphy, delivering a kiss to him that shocked the two Mysterios as they left the ring, demanding Aalyah come with her to no avail.

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