Willow Nightingale On Her Experience Being A Black Wrestler, Embracing Her Weird And Quirky Personality

WOW Superhero Willow Nightingale was interviewed by Women’s Wrestling Talk this week and she shares what is like being a black plus sized wrestler, what she thinks of her PWI ranking and her neck injury.

Willow Nightingale Talks About Her Experience Being A Black Wrestler

“I feel pretty fortunate because I know there are other black women who wrestle and black male wrestlers as well, who have faced a lot more discrimination or had opportunities taken away from them. I personally have one story that really kind of I feel like could have held me back and that was a promoter being like, “Well I already have a black girl, why would I need another one.” I heard that and I was like, I’m not sure this is somewhere I want to work. But I consider myself really fortunate. Like I understand my privilege like I’m light skinned and some people don’t even view me as black and they think that is a compliment. To be like, “Oh, you’re not even black in my eyes.” I don’t know how to take that.”

Willow Nightingale Talks About Being Proud of Who She Is

“I’ve never shied away from who I am because at the end of the day, I am a big girl, I’m kind of weird and quirky, I am a woman of color and I can’t hide those things, so I embrace them all and I try to put that to the forefront of my personality in wrestling and people seem to dig it.”

Willow Talks About Being On The PWI List

“That was really shocking because obviously, it’s not like they generally include a number of women in that list, the top 500. I haven’t even been in the women’s top 100 before. So for me to make the top 500 list with all the men and everything, I was like, ‘What?’.It was definitely a moment of gratitude. I didn’t realize I had the effect that I do have on the independent wrestling scene.”

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