Dexter Lumis Scares Cameron Grimes, Beats Him In Haunted House Of Terror Match

cameron grimes dexter lumis

Image Credit: WWE

One of the biggest matches planned for tonight’s Halloween Havoc was the Haunted House of Terror match between Dexter Lumis and Cameron Grimes. In a match that featured a very frightened Grimes, Lumis eventually came away with a win, displaying some very scary friends along the way.

The match began early in the night, as Grimes was driven by van to a scary, run down house. Inside the house was everything from possessed referees, scary women in showers, and Lumis himself, who was ready to fight Grimes. After brawling for a bit, Grimes was able to escape the house, literally running away and later ending up back at the NXT arena. With Grimes finally back, he continued to be scared by various monsters, which eventually led him to getting into a ring that was quickly filling with fog. 

After getting back into the ring, Lumis appeared behind Grimes, taking him down to the ground before a zombie crawled into the ring and up Lumis’ back. Picking up the zombie, Lumis dropped the creature onto Grimes before hitting him with a Urange suplex before locking in the Anaconda Vice for the victory.

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