Ghostface Helps Johnny Gargano Become NXT North American Champion

Photo Credit: WWE

Tonight’s NXT Halloween Havoc kicked off with a bang, as Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest faced off for the NXT North American Championship. Of course, the exact stipulation had to be figured out first, and during the first Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal of the night, it was determined that the two would face off in a Devil’s Playground match.

The match itself was a chaotic one, with both superstars going all out to take each other down. However, it was Johnny Gargano who would come away with the win in very surprising fashion. Late in the match, with both superstars on top of the ramp, a mysterious figure wearing a Ghostface mask showed up, interfering in the match by taking down Priest with a steel pipe and staring down Gargano.

Despite looking scared for a moment, Gargano quickly smiled at the figure, who handed Gargano a tombstone that he used to shove Priest off the ramp and through part of the Halloween Havoc set. With Priest knocked out, Gargano pinned the champion for the win, becoming the new NXT North American Champion and cementing himself as the only superstar to have ever won it twice.

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