WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Results (10/28/20)

Backstage, Regal forces Cameron Grimes to go to the parking lot for his match with Dexter Lumis.

In-Ring Segment: Pat McAfee, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch

McAfee says he had the greatest debut in wrestling history. McAfee says he couldn’t come back to NXT and handle Adam Cole alone. He has way too much going on spend time on Cole. McAfee says he hired Ridge Holland to take out Cole. McAfee says he paid Lorcan and Burch as well. Kyle O’Reilly interrupts and power walks to the ring. O’Reilly is outnumbered. O’Reilly gets on the apron. McAfee is begging him to get in the ring.

Pete Dunne’s music hits. Dunne walks out and hands O’Reilly a chair. O’Reilly and Dunne back down McAfee and Co. Dunne turns around and hits O’Reilly with a chair. Dunne, McAfee, Burch, and Lorcan beat down O’Reilly. Dunne stomps O’Reilly’s elbow into a chair. Lorcan and Bruch hit their finish on O’Reilly on a chair. McAfee says he is smarter than The UE and they are the new kings of this brand. That is undisputed.

Backstage, Grimes begs Regal to just give him a loss. He doesn’t want to be in this match. A white van pulls up to bring Grimes to the match. Grimes gets scared by a zombie that is riding in the passenger side of the van. The van opens and Michael P.S. Hayes exits while Bad Street USA is playing. Grimes reluctantly gets in the van.

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