Montez Ford: ‘We Want The Smoke’ Means Just Bring It

Street Profits Montez Ford Angelo Dawkins

Photo Credit: WWE

Montez Ford recently spoke with Stuart Osborne of Dayton 24/7 Now and discussed The Street Profits’ move to WWE Friday Night SmackDown. He also described what “We want the smoke” means.

Ford reflected on moving to the blue brand and focused on the opportunity to face new competitors. “‘We love getting in there with different (wrestling) styles and just seeing how we need to adapt, overcome, and come out on top,'” said Ford via Osborne.

In a video clip of the interview, Ford offered some insight into The Street Profits’ catchphrase:

Ford: “We want the smoke is an acronym of, you know, just like, hey whatever is coming our way that day, whatever is, if it’s a test, an exam, or a job interview or something that’s a task, it’s like just, we want the smoke, just bring it.  Whatever you got, world, whatever you got, just throw it this way.”

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